Sud de France

Recently, when I think about how I would rather not go to work, tomorrow, this week, for the month of February, or ever, I browse vacation rentals in the Luberon.  Tonight’s pipe dream is a little studio near/in Roussillon.  Humble, but a very livable love nest if you ask me.  

When I was in 6th grade we wrote weekly essays that we would sometimes be called upon to read aloud in front of the class.  No one believes me, but I was shy till a certain age, and feared beyond any fear having to stand and read my essay.  One week, when we had been assigned to write about a vacation or far away place, I was called upon to read.  My essay was about the vibrantly colored chalky hills of Roussillon–literally bright red, ochre, and sometimes purple–which I visited when staying with my grandmother in nearby Lourmarin.  


My teacher accused me of lying and publicly admonished me for fabricating a fiction when the assignment was autobiography.  Had it been nine or ten years later I might have argued my teacher, armed with conceptual art theory and said something like, “and what exactly do you propose is the difference?!”  But since I hadn’t gotten to Marcel Duchamp and John Cage yet, I had to quietly nurse my humiliation through the weekend (essay reading was always on Friday) until Monday when I triumphantly returned to class with a postcard bearing an image of Roussillon’s hills and was vindicated.


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2 responses to “Sud de France

  1. Thanks for this post. Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Miller googles his former students. Maybe dude is an internet whiz? You had Mr. Miller, right? Once, he accused me of cheating on a long division test because I didn’t show my work. He called me out of Mrs. Duncan’s class, into his classroom, where his students were hushed in test-taking, and accused me, and I cried, in front of everyone! (I hadn’t cheated) More blog posts about former teachers, please!

  2. Pamela Poole

    I had an English teacher “tell” me I didn’t write something in high school too. It scarred me. I didn’t have a postcard to back me up! How do you prove that, for once, you were inspired by the assignment??

    I actually stopped by because I thought you might like to know about, the social network for francophiles.

    You can also follow us on Twitter for daily French culture bites and francophile treats! @francophilia

    Merci et à bientôt.

    Pamela Poole (LaGoulue)

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