Bulgogi Update

I went with the recipe from epicurious.com and it turned out great.  


I have to confess my meal lacked kimchi.  I didn’t make it down to Koreana Plaza on Telegraph in time.  I’ve never been, but supposedly Koreana (formerly Pusan Market) is the place to go for all your Korean specialty food needs.  Still, my bulgogi was a hit.  I splurged and got expensive ribeye from Enzo’s, and had them do the extra-thin-slicing there.  My knife skills are still at the amateur level. 

I did the table up with the “good” china, silver, crystal, candles, and surprise balls from Tail of the Yak, but none of the pictures turned out well.  I think I had the ISO turned all the way up, because they look grainy ???  Here’s the only one that looks any good:



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11 responses to “Bulgogi Update

  1. Anderson Cooper

    Looks good! I like the candle stones.

  2. JoAnne

    I think you’re being duped here. Anderson Cooper was in LA tonight giving a speech which started at 8PM so there is no way he could have been on here at 8:49. You’ve got an impostor.

  3. Anderson Cooper

    JoAnne, I suspect that commenting on blog posts while giving a talk is the specific use case for which they invented smart phones. That being said, I believe Saddleshoes has incorrectly set the time zone for this blog. The comments were actually made this morning.

    And yet, we are all impostors aping ourselves.

  4. saddleshoos

    Thanks for your comments Anderson and JoAnne. This blog is in GMT.

  5. JoAnne

    Anderson, No, we are not all imposters aping ourselves. If you feel that way it’s because you aren’t being true to who you are and pretending to be something that you’re not.

    Still don’t think you are THE Anderson Cooper since he swears he doesn’t cook and knows nothing about it.

  6. Cindy

    HMM…Anderson Cooper huh!?

    Nice blog you have here. I LOVE Bulgogi and kimchi! My aunt and my cousins mother-in-law are Korean so they are always cooking us some real authentic Korean food. It’s really the bomb! Better than any restaurant you could ever go to IMO!

    Oh…and great table setting. Love the candles…I am a candle-holic so I would notice that. LOL

  7. Hey “JoAnne”: Maybe YOU are the impostor! The JoAnne I know was riding a rocketship at the time of your comment

    What’s up with the “Internet” and pp “making up names for themselves” in a playful way??!!!?! WTF???

  8. Doj

    Rimpletide? Is that your Christian name? I didn’t think so because the Rimpletide I know is currently ruining President’s Day for people that are trying to celebrate their Rockridge life in the rain. Live Phree or Diet!

  9. Hey Department Of Justice: you’re everywhere! Rimpletide can’t hide!

  10. Pingback: Man Doe « Rimpletide

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