There Will Be Blood

I am teaching Shakespeare for the first time.  Macbeth.  At Harold Bloom’s urging I’ll be screening Kumonosu jô; Akira Kurosawa’s adaptation of the play.  I’m SO EXCITED. 




The stills alone!  I can’t wait!!!

Do you think my 10th graders will go for it?  I’m going to start with a clip rather than doing the whole thing at once.  Fingers crossed! 


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3 responses to “There Will Be Blood

  1. simply amazing! Throne of blood: I can only imagine viewing as a 15 year old… Go teacher!

  2. rp

    As for Shakespeare (ne Marlowe) I recommend the Horton Foote short story/play Roots in a Parched Ground. A young boy’s version of LEAR.

  3. It was in the book “Shakespeare: Invention of the Human” where Professor Bloom said that Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood” was the best adaptation of “Macbeth”. I wish I could see the film too. I loved Macbeth. How’s your class in Shakespeare?

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