We Just Missed (International?) Macaron Day!

I found out through a phenomenal blog called My Kugelhopf.  Kerrin Rousset is everything I wish I were: Europe-based, fully bilingual, ace photographer, and constant traveler.  Things I like about her blog: the text : photo ratio is perfect.  Her writing is descriptive, clear, and accessible (font isn’t too small, hate that when I find good blogs with extra small font!) and the photographs are vivid and well-styled, yet never lose a sense of realism.  Live vicariously.  It’s gorgeous.

Three “M’s” of My Kugelhopf:



menthebleue1Menthe Bleue


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2 responses to “We Just Missed (International?) Macaron Day!

  1. Don’t worry – you may have missed the official “Jour du Macaron” in Europe – but I say… any day is a perfect day for a macaron! Oh absolutely !!

    So I hope you will enjoy — and keep enjoying MyKugelhopf for sure! With its many more M’s – meringue, marshmallow, maple syrup, markets, mistletoe, mocha, madeleine, macadamia nuts, muffins, … mmmmm!! 🙂

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful post. Most of all, I have now discovered YOUR site too, and I love it !

  2. We just discoved your blog from “Best Travel” Blogs category. We can see why — by the way the photographs on this site are so mouth watering, they pop off the page!

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