What’s on your mind?

Beyond the obvious personal nature of a blog, one of the reasons I started ARL was to create an outlet to talk about the type of things on my mind that don’t necessarily get enough coverage in mainstream media/the press.  A lot of times ARL serves as an escape from “real” life–a fantasy world of gourmet meals composed of organic ingredients and bountiful bouquets–where none of the daily trials and travails are revealed.  Other times I want to talk seriously about aspects of our world that are deeply troublesome and need to be addressed; racism, classism, cruelty and suffering of all kinds.  As I’ve embarked on this journey of thinking about what I’m thinking about, I’ve become more and more curious about what YOU all out there are thinking about.  

WHO are the readers of ARL? and what’s on YOUR mind?  and how can I soothe YOU?



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12 responses to “What’s on your mind?

  1. soother1978

    Sass soothes me! Get on it wild!

  2. Beano

    I like the flower comments, maybe because I don’t have a backyard. Your blog is really lovely though. Thanks

  3. Tracie Peas

    More bay area eating recommendations please, I just moved here and am clueless!!!

  4. G

    Yo, you seem like a cool bitch. Into this shit

  5. Helana B

    You teach my daughter, thank you so much for being her favorite teacher, she just emailed me your site, it’s really great to see someone local highlighting the perks of Oakland.

  6. Lars

    I just think you should focus on what you like, no need to worry about us, we are just your fans! Undying forever!

  7. fullharvest

    Oh. These are such lovely comments.

    Keep on. Write what’s one your mind. People can relate…we all need an escape every now and again. That’s what soothes.


  8. nuggy

    Gardening and cooking tips, and recommendations and links to other great site with gardening and cooking tips soothe me. Your devotion to making one’s living space beautiful and helping us learn all the ways to do it… I love it! MORE! Social commentary is important too, but not soothing like recipes and floral arrangements.

  9. saddleshoos

    Thanks to all who responded–and if you haven’t yet, don’t be shy.

    yours, ‘shoos

  10. I awake in the middle of the night, thinking: Rockridge on a budget? Lonely Planet-style guides for a European in Rockridge? A dispatch from an actual European in Rockridge? A Rockridge resident in Europe? An interactive map in which a European pauper finds his way from one side of Rockridge to the next?

  11. Dah7lin

    The beauty that you see in the world and capture in ARL that opens a window to your love of life in all it’s facets.

  12. >WHO are the readers of ARL?

    uhh, hi. it’s me. i’m one

    >and what’s on YOUR mind?

    today, so fat? anger at my family, Chekov’s lady with the little dog, free-floating hunger. mostly

    >and how can I soothe YOU?

    i’m cool, thanks for asking tho

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