Current Obsession

Salty-chocolate-caramel.  Out. Of. Control.

saltcaramelsFran’s Chocolates

Pictured here: 20 piece Gray & Smoked Salt Caramels


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9 responses to “Current Obsession

  1. KRB

    So damn good. I especially like Fran’s. Although I personally think i have perfected the salted caramel, the chocolate covered salted caramel remains elusive. Mostly because I am too lazy to temper the chocolate. Fran’s though, hmmmm.

  2. i am SO with you on this ! OUT. OF. CONTROL. out of control good. and when i have them, i eat them out of control fast! i am all over the dark chocolate version with gray salt. i’m not a milk chocolate person, so i wasn’t wowed by those with the smoked salt. that said, if anyone wants to send me the 20 piece mixed box above,… by all means, i am willing to try again! 🙂

  3. Thank you, your blog
    is so interesting too!! we discovered a post you maked 1odays ago about us, it was a pleasure to read it, thanks :)) Fran’s chocolates looks exquisites..mmm… I love dark chocolate


  4. soother1978

    yeah salt and chocolate is amazing. Chickanugg loves this salty choc tart at marlow. It really soothes him

  5. Alice

    Put it in my mouth!

  6. soother1978

    Alice is dirty!

  7. Dah7lin


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