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Germany’s Turks (5:15) | PRI’s The World

Germany’s Turks (5:15) | PRI’s The World

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Another Side of Rockridge O___o

Shooting pool (&drinking brews with bros)at “The Hut” on a school night makes for a wildly slow motion-style afternoon.




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Song of the Day: Mariah 2.0

Mimi always soothed me in strange ways (Shake it Off anyone?).

Amber of the Dirty Projectors is really wildly channelling MC in “Stillness is the Move.”  Especially at the end.  Wild. 

Listen here via Stereogum.






Who wins?


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Garden Design

As the days get longer and summer approaches, all I can think about is the possibility of spending long afternoons in my backyard.  The fantasy gets more specific with help from these garden designers and bloggers:

Peter Fudge: I’m equally enamored by his contemporary and classic designs: “A Stylish Edge” and “Wildes Meadow A Belle Garden.” 


Fresh Dirt: A Sunset Magazine blog.  I love this treatment of lavender that they posted about, designed by Fortini:


Art Luna: Such a master.  This garden was featured in Domino Magazine (RIP):


Highgrove: “Conservation Design:” garden design for the environment:


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What’s on your mind?

Beyond the obvious personal nature of a blog, one of the reasons I started ARL was to create an outlet to talk about the type of things on my mind that don’t necessarily get enough coverage in mainstream media/the press.  A lot of times ARL serves as an escape from “real” life–a fantasy world of gourmet meals composed of organic ingredients and bountiful bouquets–where none of the daily trials and travails are revealed.  Other times I want to talk seriously about aspects of our world that are deeply troublesome and need to be addressed; racism, classism, cruelty and suffering of all kinds.  As I’ve embarked on this journey of thinking about what I’m thinking about, I’ve become more and more curious about what YOU all out there are thinking about.  

WHO are the readers of ARL? and what’s on YOUR mind?  and how can I soothe YOU?



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Spring is here, I need a bike

This is my friend Matthew Bowne’s debut frame and build-up.  Isn’t it beautiful?  


The inspiring interior of his bike studio in Brooklyn:


These two beautiful photos are by Miha Matei.  I was thrilled to discover Matei through Bowne’s bikes since she spends a lot of time photographing two of my favorite things, food and flowers.  I was desperately trying NOT to write about food and flowers today, and Matei has made that hard.  Hit up her website for beautiful photographs of f&f.

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Another Day, Another Ranunculus Devotion

I just couldn’t resist.  The white ranunculus in the basket are just two bunches.  I decided to get a third bunch of this light pink almost salmon-y color–it’s one of my favorites (although the pure white and green goes so well in my house, generally speaking).  I put the pink ones in one of my favorite coffee cups (thank you World Mart) with just a few sprigs of lemon leaves from the backyard.  So excited about this:


And of course, a detail shot:


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