Arrangement of the Day


Arrangement and photograph by Flower Wild

I like this arrangement for today because it is exudes deep spring, almost summer with its tulips and raspberries.  The roses make it feminine but the other elements keep it from being cloying. It could greet guests on a commode in a small entry way and then moved to the table for lunch time on the patio since its height makes it appropriate as a centerpiece.  The Flower Wild website is essential viewing for flower enthusiasts.  Thanks to House Martin for facilitating my discovery.  The sheer volume of Flower Wild’s portfolio is amazing–so many pretty things to look at.  They also keep up a blog, here.  I knew I was in the right place when I saw not one, but repeated use of hellebore (my favorite flower!).  Here is an amazing arrangement by Flower Wild with hellebore.  I searched the site high and low but couldn’t find a wider shot, but here’s a gorgeous detail.  



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2 responses to “Arrangement of the Day

  1. KRB

    Oooooooooo. I love the second arrangement. I just want to climb into it and be happy.

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