Banksia Rose

Big huge bushes of banksia rose are all over Rockridge these days. 


For some reason, these roses remind me of Connie’s wedding in Godfather 1.  That whole sequence at the wedding has sort of a yellow-y seventies light to it.  Can’t you just picture Kay and Michael stopping to smell them?…and then discovering that they have very little scent?  







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3 responses to “Banksia Rose

  1. I really love this R-ridge/Corleone residence (where is that? Jersey somewhere?) confluence. Thanks for your nature/culture juxtapositions, ‘shoos!

  2. Dojj

    Is it true that some of Connie’s grand kids live on Lawton?

  3. Dojj

    Do you think they know that their great uncle killed their grandfather?

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