Passover: Liberation and Chocolate

Tonight the Jews will celebrate the ancient exodus from Egypt and slavery.  Unfortunately I will not be formally celebrating tonight, but My Kugelhopf quickly transported me to possibly the most pleasurable part of the seder meal (and any meal): dessert!  Kerrin Rousset of Kugelhopf has posted the most mouth-watering delectable matzoh-sweet explosion.  In the vein of many of my chocolate posts of late (here and here; reviewing chocolates such as Fran’s, Poco Dolce, and Barlovento), Rousset mixes her matzoh with “golden butter caramel and creamy dark chocolate” + Maldon salt?  My favorite??!! OY VE!!!


This post is a MUST read and the recipe–a MUST try.  It’s EASY.  I’m running out for some last minute matzoh right now!


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3 responses to “Passover: Liberation and Chocolate

  1. wow! did this all happen after we saw each other? amazing. looks great!

  2. The most pleasurable part of ANY meal is dessert, but of course! 🙂 But yes, most especially of the seder meal! (I love your post title!) Ooooh, my matzoh buttercrunch sundae was awfully good, think I’ll be having it every night of Passover. Did you try some chocolately caramel deliciousness yourself? Hope you enjoyed … and a Happy Passover and Happy Easter to you and your readers !

  3. nuggy

    Click to access Haggadah.pdf

    check it out… this is the humanist modern Haggadah for the sedar we did at Wade and Anja’s last night, with Tito Puente and reggae playing in the background, the Barefoot Contessa’s chopped liver (provided by me), and discussion of Peruvian politics with Diana’s sister’s boyfriend… who worked for the rights of indigenous peoples in South America for 3 years… wild, you would have loved it!

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