Things that Soothe: Apartment Therapy (I know)

Honestly, I’ve never really gotten into Apartment Therapy.  Like many sites that I want to LOVE, it’s just a little too Real Simple-y for me sometimes.  But I decided to check out the SF site today and it’s soothing the hell out of me.  Especially these posts:

  • Urban Indigo-a seriously soothing Oakland boutique in the Grand Lake neighborhood
  • Black Flowers-who doesn’t love them?  Apparently “gotard”
  • Garden Inspired Interiors-not great examples all of them, but that lead image is enough to make it one of my faves:


Here is an arrangement featuring my favorite “black” flower: chocolate cosmos (and two of my other favorite flowers muscari and hellebore).


Discovered at Southern Accents, arrangement by Greg Campbell of Memphis


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2 responses to “Things that Soothe: Apartment Therapy (I know)

  1. motoproponent

    I do love the Urban Indigo. It’s the only place to buy Oakland Postcards. It took me weeks to find a place to buy Oakland Postcards. It’s like the people that use snail mail correspondence to drop notes and wish-you-were-here love letters think San Francisco is all there is in the Bay Area. Good Luck if you’re Emeryvillecentric!

  2. I love this two photos/arrangements!

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