Flower of the Day: Scabiosa

I love the simplicity of scabiosa; a flower with a complete lack of pretension.


Scabiosa comes in an array of colors including a variety of blues and violets.  One of my personal favorites is the “black” scabiosa.  


Scabiosa is also famous for its pods.  They look a little funny on their own, but are a floral designers secret trick.  The chameleonlike little balls can be tucked into arrangements of various colors, shapes and sizes to add texture and interest.


Finally, a beautiful photograph of a classic periwinkle scabiosa (the tight little buds are a whole other beautiful entity no?):



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6 responses to “Flower of the Day: Scabiosa

  1. saoirse

    I saw your tweet about Russell Brand. @rustyrockets is indeed the real Russell Brand.

  2. saddleshoos

    I love Flowers by Bornay!

    and I can’t wait to pick apart that NY Times travel section article.

  3. Yeah, It’s really nice, I want to buy some like this.

  4. they are perfection!

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