It’s Raining in Rockridge

I responded to the day by going out and relieving Bloomies of some of their merchandise, lest it get damaged in the rain.  



Nothing like big bright yellow peonies (and a fun mini pineapple) to lift the rain cloud from over your head!


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6 responses to “It’s Raining in Rockridge

  1. It’s raining in Temescal, too, but it doesn’t look so nice indoors. *sniff*

  2. Dah7lin

    The pineapple takes the cake; it looks like it was born to be with the yellow peony. Thanks for brightening my day.

  3. Dah7lin

    I forgot to mention the beautiful play between the colors of the pineapple and the peonies and the tulip adds just the right note of boldness

  4. uh, sumwhunzz drunk.


  5. Yikes!

    “the dimp skimpler” (if that’s his real name!) musta tied one on last night!

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