Why Does Everyone Love Heidi Klum So Much?

The Met Gala looks were a real disappointment this year.  I haven’t been feeling Marc Jacobs for a while now (sorry ED).  His short dress edict bombed.  The women look horrible!  They all wear heels that are too high that over-accentuate their boney calves and the short dresses just make them all look like cheap tarts (except for Cindy Crawford, who looks like a cheap tart in a long dress with a big slit up the front).  Statements must be made:

  • Kate Moss.  For an old hag with major drug problems, she totally worked it (in spite of my previous comments about the short dresses) although her heels are an abomination.  I have no idea why everyone picked up on Christian Louboutin, like, ten years later, and then he started making hooker heals.  Fashion insiders, any insight?  Again, props to Moss, but she’s not really worth a picture.  She looks haggard all the time.  She should stop doing drugs.  On the real. 
  • Do I need to go into the disaster that was Posh and Madge?  Oy ve!  MK deserves honorable mention, I love Lacroix, but she’s too damn short for that dress, and you can even tell in the pictures.
  • Gisele: *BIG yawn*

Best dressed goes to Kate Bosworth, Shalom Harlow (I die.  And am forever devoted), Kate Beckinsale (she’s a bore post-Cold Comfort Farm, but that dress is pretty amazing), Iman, and Claudia Schiffer.  Honorable mention to Leighton Meester.  But only the models deserve pictures tonight.  When will fashion get over the boring TV stars?  Honestly.



Other people who looked scary:

  • Rachel Bilson (please cut your hair!)
  • Blake Lively
  • Jessica Alba (???)


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3 responses to “Why Does Everyone Love Heidi Klum So Much?

  1. ‘shoos takes off the gloves!

    I’m loving this!

  2. nuggy

    honestly, wild. celebrity fashion gossip?

    shalom harlow IS fierce, though.

  3. saddleshoos

    Well apparently I’m not the only one who isn’t impressed: http://bit.ly/WPD0y

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