A Little Taste

I mentioned I threw a big bash this weekend–here is just a little taste of what it was like.

hors deouvres

The hors d’oeuvres table (from left): pasteles (also known as pastelitos) and red cabbage slaw, sweet corn tamales and cream, sweet plantain empanadas.  Pasteles are fried pockets of dough (in this case the dough is corn meal-based) stuffed with meat and vegetables (we served chicken and beef, though pork is the chef’s favorite).  The slaw is to be heaped atop the pasteles.

small centerpieces

The long table on the patio;  I don’t know who took/styled this pic (have a feeling it was my dad) but the Panama hat is a nice touch.  I brought the runner back from Belize a couple years ago.  All flowers are by Bloomies at Market Hall.  The small centerpieces here include sunflowers, stock, hypericon berries, snowball viburnum, mint, and rosemary.


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3 responses to “A Little Taste

  1. p

    yum! and gorgeous!

    what were you celebrating and where are you going?

  2. saddleshoos

    I celebrated my commencement. So far not going anywhere–just living A Rockridge Life!

  3. begonia

    Fantastic feast……..pure sensory love.

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