Some blessed souls are visiting from Paris and brought me this beautiful box, of which some of you might be able to guess the contents:

La Duree 1




This might be the first time I’ve experienced the sexy black tissue paper–I don’t remember it from the last time.  Combined with the champagne silk ribbon it’s positively lethal.


I swear this picture was in focus when I took it, but it doesn’t look it now–I must have been too excited!  Look at the colors!  (Crumbled, but beautiful like Polidori’s pictures of the walls and columns of Havana’s great halls


The bright pink raspberry ones fruits rouge (red fruits) are my favorite–they embody Paris.


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3 responses to “Ladurée

  1. nice gift and presentation! mmm… this French pastry is called “macaron” I love these colors! Have you eaten all of them already? sure…:)

  2. Dah7lin

    fruits rouge are my favorite!

  3. KRB

    Salted caramel is my favorite. Makes me lose control.

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