Friday Poll: Chaises Longues

I’ve been working hard re-working the garden and I really want a chaise longue so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Keeping in mind that my qualifications for chaises are arms (essential for resting elbows while reading), simplicity (they can’t overwhelm my craftsman bungalow), and general good looks, which of these do you think most desirable?

chesapeake steamer

Chesapeake Steamer by Pottery Barn (other cushion fabric options available)

brisbane chaiseBrisbane Chaise by Ballard Designs (custom cushions available)

carmel chaise

Carmel Chaise by Restoration Hardware (other cushion fabrics options available)


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3 responses to “Friday Poll: Chaises Longues

  1. KRB

    Chesapeake for sure. I think the scale is best for your house. You know I love the RH one but I think it isn’t quite right. The ballard one does nothing for me. Plus the striped cushion is perfect—stripes look FAB in the garden. Still not convinced you need two though . . . .

  2. saddleshoos

    I’m surprised no one is into the Restoration Hardware Carmel chaise…

  3. KRB

    I think it just isn’t right for your house. BTW, I voted twice. hehe.

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