A Dangerous Link

Harvey Clars is a small auction house just a hope skip and a jump from Rockridge on Telegraph underneath the 24 (the fact that I call it the 24 as opposed to “24” reveals my Southern California roots apparently).  I’ve heard that one can cultivate a serious addiction between the random, “fun,” and odd items in their catalogs and the extremely low prices.   Honestly I’m a little scared to step foot in the place lest I succumb to the addiction and turn my house in the Rockridge version of the Winchester Mystery House stocked with memorabilia from Clars, but I may not be able to resist the temptation of the spectacle much longer.  What’s catching my eye in this weekend’s catalog (buyers beware!):

marotte folie

Lot 15: Marotte Folie German bisque head doll

Marotte Folie German bisque head and shoulder plate with a curly blonde wig and hand-painted features with fixed blue paperweight eyes, and an open mouth revealing four teeth, the head sitting atop a music box concealed within a drum shaped torso on a celluloid handle that also serves as a whistle, dressed in a jester’s costume, impressed 3200 AM (Armand Marseille) 12/0 DEP, with origninal box, 11” to hat

Pretty psychotic looking I know, but there’s something about the combination of heavy eyebrows, big earrings, and prominent chompers that makes this girl my totem and taboo all rolled into one.  You must read the description carefully–the celluloid handle also serves as a whistle!

blue and white

Lot 106: Chinese Underglazed Blue Porcelain Vases/Lamps

(lot of 2) Chinese blue-and-white porcelain vases, now mounted as lamps, the first encircled by stiff leaves to the neck, with the body further decorated with stylized patterns on a leiwen ground, vase 17.75”h; the other painted with mock animal head handles to the neck above dissolving archaistic mythical beasts, vase: 17.5”h

There is only one bedside lamp in I.’s and my marital bedroom.  A year and a half later we are still married, but two moderately matching bedside lamps would be a welcome addition to the family.


Lot 519: Multi-tiered, sectional circular bookshelf

Mahogany multi-tiered, sectional circular bookshelf having shaped finial, faux classic literary selection dividers, rotating top, with lion bask ring pull handles and paw feet, 66”h x 34”d

Either so wrong it’s right or simply wrong wrong wrong!  I’m still fascinated by it either way.  I can’t imagine where in the world it would go, either in my home or any other, but the fact that Clars has it has me tickled.  The strange lion’s head at the base–is that a door knocker?  Is this bookcase in actuality a vortex to another world?  Will C.S. Lewis meet me on the other side with a tray of Turkish Delight?

Happy bidding!

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