Flower of the Day: Peony

Peonies are sort of always my flower of the day.  They are just amazing.  I wonder if there are those out there who don’t like peonies?

I was perusing this month’s House Beautiful, which features their favorites of everything.  To give those favorites a personal touch, HB included profiles of fifteen or so notable designers, many of whom name peonies as their favorite flower.  While many like pink Sarah Bernhardt, I like the ones that open so that you can see all the yellow stamens, which always make a nice contrast to the color of the petals.

While trying to find out more about one of my favorite peonies, Coral Charm, I came across a chart that explains the different types of peonies, ranging from “single” blooms to “Japanese” and “bomb,” all of which describe the flower’s style of opening.  The chart can be found at the bottom of this page here. These beautiful Coral Charm peonies are “semi-double.”  Semi-double style peonies “contain filaments which have widened irregularly, making petaloids of varying widths throughout which stamens are mixed. The guard petals may or may not be clearly differentiated.” Exciting stuff right?

peony fullFor more luscious pictures of Coral Charm

peony medium

peony back2

I love the way little streaks of white emit from the base of the blossom.

peony back


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3 responses to “Flower of the Day: Peony

  1. I was rocking on peonies this year too. Fabulous flower and my incorrigible peony produced only one blossom this year – but what a blossom it was. Pictures on my blog if you’re interested.


    (Love your blog!)

  2. saddleshoos

    Thank you! Yours is fun too. Haven’t even tried to grow my own peonies yet, as there’s no frost here, but maybe I’ll try.

  3. Dah7lin

    The third and fourth close up pictures make me want to paint the back view of the peonies. Simply beautiful.

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