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For the Love of Low Heels

Finals stress+holiday stress=window shopping on e-commerce sites!

Bear in mind Saddleshoos will never purchase any of these glitzy concoctions in reality, but isn’t that what the Internet is for?  An escape from…?

Behold these hot Italian puppies:


“Eileen Shields” is not a designer name that elicits drool on its own, but I give ole’ Eileen-y props for these.  Mmm!  I can really see Saddleshoos ripping up a dance floor in those!

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Grizzly Bear, more than a bear, more than a band

While I was browsing through sites about 20th century dance and Isadora Duncan I came across an animal-inspired fad dance that in its day was as popular as the foxtrot, but for some unknown reason has been largely lost to us in posterity.*

That dance my friends, is the Grizzly Bear.

From the New York Times, December 6, 1911:

There was no cotillion, a remarkable feature of the Juniors, and waived at this session because of the almost universal desire of the young set for general dancing and the “grizzly bear” and other new features of dancing.

Wikipedia describes the Grizzly Bear as follows:

The Grizzly Bear started in San Francisco, along with the Bunny Hug and Texas Tommy and was also done on the Staten Island ferry boats in the 1900’s. It has been said that dancers John Jarrott and Louise Gruenning introduced this dance as well as the Turkey Trot at Ray Jones Café in Chicago, IL around 1909. The Grizzly Bear was first introduced to Broadway audiences in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1910 by Miss Fanny Brice.

The dance was rough and clumsy. During the dance, the dancers would yell out: “WOOGA CHOOGA!” The genuine Grizzly Bear step was in correct imitation of the movements of a dancing bear, moving or dancing to the side. A very heavy step to the side with a decided bending of the upper part of the body from one side to the other, a decidedly ungraceful and undignified movement when performed as a dance.

It’s a San Francisco native!  Who knew?

Here is an image I found on this website of a man and a woman purporting to carry out the Grizzly Bear:


Makes the whole “undignified” thing come to life don’t you think?  Though I’m not sure it’s the dance or that guy’s really scary makeup job.

Additional Information:

I’m a new fan of this website.

*I’m not sure if that usage works, but I like it.

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These Really Soothe Me

I’ve almost completely sworn off high heels, unless the evening involves valet parking and no dancing (a rare combination of circumstances). But a low heel is just right. I’m IN LOVE with these Anna Sui’s:


Equal parts Betsey Johnson and Isadora Duncan. Perfect for my collection of frocks from the 20s and 30s. Color me in love. Available here at Shopbop.


If people ask me when I began to dance I reply, “In my mother’s womb, probably as a result of the oysters and champagne–the food of Aphrodite.”

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Hangover Pictures, Saturday December 6, 2008


For some reason a lot of vintage furniture was being set up in front of the warehouse under my window

navyThe view towards the Navy Yard

bqeThe view towards the BQE

All pictures taken from the 4th floor of 10 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn

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Two Good Sick Bed Movies

Diner (1982)

Sort of ambling, but fun.  Tough guys who don’t kill people.  Kind of like a Scorsese light or a tough version of Metropolitan.  Some good dialog, some bad acting, some great acting, and overall a fun watch.  Good sets, soundtrack, style, cast.  Kevin Bacon is fucking great.  I totally have a crush on Tim Daly.

dinerOh! And it even takes place around Christmas and features Jews!  Great holiday flick.  A little something for everyone.  

All the Presidents Men 1976

Now here’s a fucking great film to titillate you and make you completely paranoid (justifiably so).  Amazing performances.  I’ve never been so quietly and subtly put on the edge of my seat so quickly, in spite of the fact this is history and I know the story well.  Love it.  I’ll take a young “hungry” Dusty Hoffman and Robbie Redford any day of the week.  And I’m loving me some Jason Robards.



Too bad both of these movies are all about white dudes.  Boring!

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