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A Big Thanks…

to Rimpletide, for posting the perfect A.R.T. to end a long school year with, by an old favorite, Snow (kind of perfect irony for celebrating the coming on of summer).

I am fairly certain that I am as excited to be done with the school year as my students although I love them so.  But Rimpletide’s post reminded me of another time I was very excited to be done with a particularly long year-seventh grade.  Thank god it ended, and thank god for Snow.

Click here to enjoy.

snow picThe man also known as Snow.  I am pretty sure this look is saying “I don’t want to go to school today and I’m not taking off this hood in class.”

Happy Summer everyone!

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Friend of a Friend’s Mom with a Famous Pet Rabbit


Bklyn Bunny is some form of artistic expression via a pet bunny.  There is such a large following of said pet bunny (named Roebling), that the owner is now capitalizing off his/her fame. 

That’s some fucking A-R-T shit.  

I have to admit that Roebling is quite a dignified and striking looking creature.

You can look at pictures of Roebling, or buy Bklyn Bunny paraphernalia (which may or may not be A-R-T or Roebling-related) at http://www.bklynbunny.com/home.html. Join the movement.  

Sometimes I think that everyone in New York is very busy, and sometimes I look at things coming out of New York and think: maybe these people have some extra time on their hands?!

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