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I’m Very Excited About: Creative Women

I found out about this company through my favorite blog, Saipua (where else?).  The Saipua store, in Red Hook, Brooklyn, has begun carrying these products.  The company is Creative Women.  From their website:

CREATIVE WOMEN cares … about beautiful hand-woven African textiles, about good design, and about improving women’s lives. We are a Vermont based, women-owned company, working in partnership with two textile design studios in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and a textile studio in Swaziland, to create traditionally inspired contemporary accessories and home textiles.  More than just designing and selling textiles, Creative Women works to promote equitable trading practices and to support women’s economic independence.  “I founded Creative Women as a way to create jobs in Ethiopia and sustain an ancient art form by introducing the West to the beauty of Ethiopian textiles”, says owner Ellen Dorsch.  “Today Creative Women provides a socially responsible link between producer and consumer by opening markets for these high-quality textiles.”


Their beautiful Ethiopian cotton towels

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Mama Africa

The great songstress Miriam Makeba died last night after performing a concert in Italy.  In spite of her somewhat advanced age, I’m shocked by the news.  Makeba has been a hero of mine since college when I first discovered her records.  My love for her music is something I’ve shared in gladness with others.  Often, like any great music, Makeba forged connections between me and others of her lovers. 


May her spirit continue to surround us.


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