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Au Revoir Simone at Bimbo’s, San Francisco

(from left) Under the red curtain the tiny head of Erika Forster behind the grand piano, Heather D’Angelo center stage, and Annie Hart waving her wild arm! (I may have mixed up Erika and Annie–in that case it would be Annie at the piano and Erika waving the arm–not sure–eek!)

Au Revoir Simone is the all-female all-keyboard band.  I saw them play for the first time last night and was totally charmed.  They play pop songs to catchy beats and sing their hearts out.  They have fun up there, and it’s totally contagious.  The crowd was loving them last night, matching the band by clapping and dancing without pretension or inhibition.

One night at Bimbo’s and I’m a convert–an ARS fan for life.

I also had the absolute pleasure of getting to know one of the members, Heather D’Angelo, a little better over a few glasses of Pinot Noir in North Beach (turns out we both have a big thing for Jim O’Rourke–but who in their right mind doesn’t?).  In addition to holding up 1/3 of a great musical project, D’Angelo is pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree (her first is in Fine Arts from Parsons) in astrophysics at Columbia, draws, makes small leather purses, and writes competently about the intersection of science and art on a blog she calls Hello Poindexter. A woman unabashed and unafraid of pursuing all her diverse interests all the while dismissing the idea that she should do anything less?  Brilliant!


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It’s Monday Morning and I’m Excited About…

au revoir simone2

The women of Au Revoir Simone

ruffled pattyRuffled Patty in all her glory


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