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Required Reading: Follow Up

The speech went over pretty well.  None of my students seemed overly enthused about taking home a copy of the Anyon piece, but who can blame them?  High school is hard and they have enough homework as it is.  But the results were evident in today’s class, which was probably one of the best we’ve had together.  For their exit task, I asked each student to write down one thing she or he did well as a student on the front of an index card, and then write down one thing one thing I did well as a teacher on the back.  Here are some responses: 

What students did well:

Today I supported my group members.

I focused on all my work.

I was supportive and cooperative.

I gave effort.

I participated a lot.

I focused and I tried my best.

I listened carefully.

What I did well in the students’ words [it’s important to recognize small victories, especially as a public school teacher]:

You were understanding.

You carefully listened to everyone.

As a teacher, it’s good that you push us.

You made a passionate argument.

You did a good job talking to us instead of just yelling like other teachers would have.

You connected to us.  Empathized in a way.

And in conclusion…an entirely different take on the stuff and substance of high school.

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Successful Teachers=?=Successful Students

This is an interesting model. 

CHRISTINE GRALOW also makes an important connection between two groups of kids that our schools consistently fail: low income children and special education children.  Often these two groups are one and the same.  We need to continue exploring these issues.

While charter schools are not a panacea for our struggling public education system, they are coming up with some interesting ideas.  I support that.  And I agree that in order to reform public education for the 21st century, we need to seriously reframe the way our society views teachers.  Teachers are leaders.  They should act like it and be compensated for it.

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