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More Spring Awakening

Spending the first evening of day light savings time gardening already payed off!  Or, more likely, last year’s efforts.  Here is an old, old, OLD, rose that I thought about taking out of the front garden because it was so sickly and dead, and because it produced strangely mottled-colored roses last year (that ranged from pale yellow to pale pink, not in a good way):


Look at all those buds!  I see seven just in this weird-angle shot.  In spite of the one mildewed trio of leaves I missed when I was pruning on Sunday, most of the foliage is the deep bright green of new growth.  The red tint is still there when the buds emerge, but the roses are a much more robust, healthy dark yellow than they have ever been.  And so many already!  I’m so excited the rose garden will be in bloom again soon.  Nothing is better than harvesting your own materials for casual posies around the home.


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Your Daily Soothe-Ranunculus Season!


This wasn’t meant to be redundant, but is a tad after last week’s illustration

All I know is that it’s unfortunate, but I simply do not have the time to do any arranging these days.  A bunch of ranunculus are the perfect treat to keep my spirits up as I plow through the tidal wave of work I’m drowning in.  A fresh cut and a mason jar was all I needed.

I spent a great weekend in Lake Tahoe in spite of my hectic schedule.  It’s these forced breaks that loved ones argue will keep me sane until June, though I’m not totally sure they are right because I now have an even huger pile of grading to do.  We celebrated a close friend’s birthday and ate ate ate.  Tortilla Espanol, chicken sandwiches on the trail, banh mi, meat pie, chocolate whisky cake, and tonkatsu.  Honestly.  

Even though I was exhausted after all the eating and celebrating over the weekend, I was so thrilled about the extra hour of daylight last night I couldn’t resist running out and sprucing up the front garden.  My poor roses had gotten horrible mildew in all the rain and the lavender bushes were getting positively out of control.  I spent from 5PM-7PM clipping and snipping and couldn’t have been happier.  

Reality was a stinging slap in the face this morning at 5:30.  But with a clean garden and a perky bunch of ranunculus how can I complain?

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