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Why Does Everyone Love Heidi Klum So Much?

The Met Gala looks were a real disappointment this year.  I haven’t been feeling Marc Jacobs for a while now (sorry ED).  His short dress edict bombed.  The women look horrible!  They all wear heels that are too high that over-accentuate their boney calves and the short dresses just make them all look like cheap tarts (except for Cindy Crawford, who looks like a cheap tart in a long dress with a big slit up the front).  Statements must be made:

  • Kate Moss.  For an old hag with major drug problems, she totally worked it (in spite of my previous comments about the short dresses) although her heels are an abomination.  I have no idea why everyone picked up on Christian Louboutin, like, ten years later, and then he started making hooker heals.  Fashion insiders, any insight?  Again, props to Moss, but she’s not really worth a picture.  She looks haggard all the time.  She should stop doing drugs.  On the real. 
  • Do I need to go into the disaster that was Posh and Madge?  Oy ve!  MK deserves honorable mention, I love Lacroix, but she’s too damn short for that dress, and you can even tell in the pictures.
  • Gisele: *BIG yawn*

Best dressed goes to Kate Bosworth, Shalom Harlow (I die.  And am forever devoted), Kate Beckinsale (she’s a bore post-Cold Comfort Farm, but that dress is pretty amazing), Iman, and Claudia Schiffer.  Honorable mention to Leighton Meester.  But only the models deserve pictures tonight.  When will fashion get over the boring TV stars?  Honestly.



Other people who looked scary:

  • Rachel Bilson (please cut your hair!)
  • Blake Lively
  • Jessica Alba (???)


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I have a Five Minute Break

I’m visiting:

Small Stump to check out flowers

Miss Pickering because she has an amazing all-green arrangement

Martha Stewart’s Twitter because she is hysterical.  What’s up with the Ted Turner obsession?

Berkeley Parent’s Network for a tree trimmer/cutter-downer

The pinkness I missed last weekend in NYC

Let’s escape!

PS: Don’t forget Paris!  I want those effing Chanel tights!

PPS: and eating Thai Vegetable Gyoza from TJ’s

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“Babytime:” courtesy of an anonymous person in an office with the door open in the Mills College Library

“So I was sitting there at Park Chow last night, and I look around and there are babies EVERYWHERE, and I’m like, what is this?  what are all these babies doing here? and then I realize it’s babytime–5PM!  What other normal person eats dinner at 5 o’clock?  Babytime!  [other person in the conversation mutters uninteligibly] By the way did you see Revolutionary Road?”


Google image search results for “Babytime.”

Love Baby! Feed Baby! Change Baby!

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I just discovered the Ideas blog on the NY Times website while procrastinating the inevitable: completion of “Element K” a series of technology tutorials and assessments all teachers must complete for a teaching credential.  It’s estimated the tutorials and assessments amount to approximately 14 hours of un-fun screen time.   

I love the randomness of “Ideas.”  The first post I found, called “The Doctorate is Out” [lol], contains a link to an article reporting the horrendous state of the job market for humanities PhD’s.   So far there’s one comment from reader Phed up with higher learning.  

With that I suppose I should begin my tutorials on MS Office keeping in mind that my teaching credential actually qualifies me for a job (albeit low paying) with health and retirement benefits, unlike my PhD counterparts.  

waa waa waa…

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Saddleshoos is BACK!

It was a long week and a long weekend, but we have a new administration (almost) it’s Thanksgiving break (almost) and Saddleshoos is back!

Once again, a big thank you to Refinery29 for having Saddleshoos’ back!

I love that they got saddle shoes in a variety of colors.  I’m still searching for the perfect pair.  I want classic black and white, with a narrow, feminine cut, soft-ish soles, and the classic lace-up (none of this saddle shoes posing as flats or heels NO!).  My favorites I’ve found so far would have to be shipped all the way from down under:

saddle But I have to say, they are close to perfect.  They also come in blue/white, red/white, yellow/white, hot pink/white, (regular) pink/white, and leopard/black. 

I also picked up an AMAZING pair at my favorite thrift store, Alta Bates Hospital thrift store on College Avenue.  They’re Ferragamo’s, perfect condition, and an effing AAA width.  WTF.  I’ve tried wearing them and they hurt, so I’m going to try to get them stretched.  For $30, they were worth displaying in my closet:


They are made of this great pebble-texture leather.  So beautiful.  

Here’s Orlando Bloom showing us the importance of same-color laces with saddle shoes, so much more chic, less the 50’s Ed Debevic’s element:

orlandoUnfortunately, he loses points for the mismatched socks.  Not soothing.  Also he’s pretty much a cheeseball.  Please do not read that I’m advocating for Orlando Bloom or his style in general.  I simply found this image when Google image-searching saddle shoes.


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G to the B

I have to write this post in spite of the ubiquity of GB on bloggery because I just love it so much.  I’m often reminded of the love when driving to school listening still to Yellow House several years later.  So the artists of the day are Edward Droste, Chris Bear, Chris Taylor and Daniel Rossen.  They are all amazing on their own and as a unit.  When I imagined writing this post in my car listening to “Lullaby” I wrote it much better than I am right now.  But I have to make it to school early today, and maybe I’ll revise later.  It would turn into a good twelve inches pretty quickly.  I’ll leave you with two favorites.  Thanks GB.  



Ps: dear GB, I would like to post a photo of you here, but I am not completely soothed by your new press photos.  I also think female fans the world over would be into a photo gallery section on your website separate from the blog because the blog is largely dominated by pictures of skinny hipsters with moustaches getting crunk that may or may not also be other indie artists.  not soothing.  I’m also happy that none of you have moustaches.  There is only one person in my life who is allowed to have a moustache and it is not I., as in I. and I.  dig? xx

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This Is Just To Say

I have not

written the warm up

that the children

should do today in class


and which

you were counting on


for today.


Forgive me

dinner was delicious;

pumpkin pasta

and fresh salad.

After William Carlos Williams


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