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We Still Have a Lot of Work to Do

Last night 2000 people gathered for a candlelight vigil in San Francisco to mourn the passing of Proposition 8.  Yesterday was a bittersweet day for many.  

I was heartened by the perspective of Kate Kendall the executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.  She reminds us all of the progress we have made in the fight for equal civil rights for gays.  She reminds us of Proposition 22 in 2000 that prevented the state from recognizing same sex marriages, which passed with 61.4% approval.  There are many gains to be recognized when looking at the slim margin that Proposition 8 won by this week.

Let’s not forget the cornerstone of President-elect Obama’s campaign: Hope.  There is a lot of sadness, and that is important and true, but we won’t be able to continue our fight for equal human and civil rights for all without maintaining our faith and our hope.  Let’s keep fighting.

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Election Reflection in 24 hours

November 4, 2008 7:20 AM


 Lining up to vote: Rockridge United Methodist Church, corner of Hudson and Manila near College Avenue


Early morning sun and the news truck antenna

8 PM


270 Electoral Votes achieved, fire in the street on Avon, marshmallow roasting


The handsome President, giving it to us from Grant Park 12′ high on the side of a Rockridge home

November 5, 2008 7:25AM


The dawn of a new day in Rockridge, Oakland, California, United States, America.

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Hallelujah Baby!

Those are the words I heard from my mother when I spoke to her at approximately 8:45PM tonight.

All those fits of anxiety spread into total relief.  Thank you to all of you who did so much to make this election what it turned out to be.

It all started at close to 8PM when I was on the phone with Mary and she started screaming-everyone started screaming-I couldn’t understand anything else.  Obama hit 270 electoral votes.  

I., Rimpletide and I ran out onto the streets of Rockridge, over to Avon a few blocks down.  The neighbors had blocked of the street, there were fires going, food, drinks, and a 12′ high projection with live coverage.  The mood was high.

We watched the concession speech.  Rimple and I called Mom and Dad, then we all waited for the acceptance.  It seemed like forever.

Once President Obama got out there I just started sobbing, and I sobbed through his whole speech.  Sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  Until then I was just shocked, awed, and overwhelmed.  Then I sobbed.  It never felt so good.   I. held me and I sobbed.  I sobbed for the Black and brown people, I sobbed for newfound hope, I sobbed for the history of injustice, and I sobbed for the work we all have to do.  I sobbed for the idea of America, for finally being able to be proud of being American, for the promise of what America can be, and for being alive and being an adult right now, in this big moment. I sobbed because American is what I am.  I thought I would never stop crying, and I didn’t want to.

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November 4, 2008




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Election Anxiety

My day has been fraught with anxiety that just wouldn’t quit.  After fretting and fretting and not quite knowing what to do, I am now, at the eleventh hour, writing to my California readers with one last plea:

Please Vote NO On Propositions 4, 6, 8, and 9

Proposition 4: NO.  Parental notification for abortion built into the State’s constitution.  This dramatically undermines privacy and a woman’s right to choose. VOTE NO.

Proposition 6: NO. I’ve become active in the campaign against Prop 6 based on the affect it could potentially have on youth I teach.  The funding from this measure will increase money for jails and requires anyone over the age of 14 charged with a “gang-related felony” including non-violent felonies to be charged as adults.  We need more money for education, not for jails. VOTE NO.

Proposition 8:  NO.  This builds discrimination into the State’s constitution and denies basic rights and dignity to citizens of our state.  This is an abomination and must be defeated.  VOTE NO.

Proposition 9: Victim’s Rights.  No.  Expands victim’s roles in determining when people get out of prison and makes it much harder for prisoners to get parole.  Would extend parole terms up to 15 years.  VOTE NO.


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An Elmwood Halloween: Abuzz for Obama

Saddleshoos and crew made our way to “Abuzz for Obama” in the Elmwood section of Berkeley on Friday night.  “Abuzz for Obama” was this year’s theme for an annual shrine to candy corn at the home of a prominent academic/artist/activist couple.  

As we walked up to the house we were greeted by an extravaganza of candycorn lights, and the whirring of a genny.  It was a sight to be seen.  I was so caught up taking pictures that I actually walked right by a guy standing in the shadows, waved hi, and said, “we’ll be right in!” before realizing that it was a cardboard cut out of Obama.  Everyone got a big kick out of that one.

Squint to read the name on the mailbox:

Everyone who is anyone in Berkeley was there.  Guests all received gift bags with various candycorn accessories, obama pins, and a handheld fan with an LED message programmed to read: OBAMA 2008, BERKELEY IS FOR OBAMA 2008, ABUZZ FOR OBAMA, etc. with alternating messages:


The grand finale was the Obama cake, which measured in a conservative estimate at least 3 feet in diameter.  Check it out below. 

There were some aliens from Uranus there who led us all in a big long prayer for Obama.  Many present left the following morning for Nevada to let the people there know what’s up.  On this election eve, may all of our prayers be with Obama and all of us who support him.  Yes we can.  

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