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Time to Soothe

Well, when is it not time to soothe?  The problem is, so many of us soothe so little, and should soothe more!

Saddleshoos is signing off for the day to go get soothed at one of the most soothing places in the whole world: The Claremont Spa.  

I’ll be getting an aromatherapy massage (obviously; I’m into scent–I even considered bringing my own scented essential oils) and will be sitting in the hot tub with a 180 degree view of the bay.  Oh, and the eucalyptus sauna.  And hey, I’m kind of breaking out, so I might try to schedule a last minute facial!  The luxury hydrafacial is seriously amazing.  The Claremont carries Carita and Naturopathica, two of my FAVORITE skin care lines. (I’ve gotten to the unfortunate point of just not being able to live without the Cotton Mask by Carita, SOOOOOO Amazing)

Then it’s off to Paragon for some fresh spring rolls and mojitos.

midpic_spa-not an actual photo of Saddleshoos-



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