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Mother’s Eggplant

Everyone’s talking about eggplant these days.  It’s eggplant season!  Chef Canales has them all over the menu at Oliveto from antipasti to secondi (watch Chef Canales shop the Berkeley Farmers Market for tomatoes and eggplant here).  Meanwhile in Pasadena, mother’s eggplant is nearing maturity.  Isn’t she a beaut?


those leaves!


those flowers!


that color!

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Definition of Soothe

sweetpeasFrom Soother1978’s visit to NYC’s Union Square Farmers Market


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Roasted Root Vegetables

It’s this time of the year that I go to the farmer’s market and start wondering what exactly I’m supposed to do with a bunch of parsnips and potatoes.  A year or two ago I came up with an excellent solution in a roasted root vegetable recipe I found on epicurious.  

Roasted Root Vegetables with Thyme and Marjoram Vinaigrette from Bon Appetit November 2002

I love this recipe-the combination of thyme and marjoram is beautiful and paired with the balsalmic reduction and lemon zest it’s just brilliant.  The flavors are bright enough to enliven any January night.

When I was browsing the Times yesterday I found Roasted Carrots and Parsnips With Rosemary and Garlic.  I haven’t made this yet, but I like the simplicity.  If you don’t cook much or haven’t done a lot of vegetable roasting maybe this is a good place to get started?  Looks good.


I heard from soother1978 that last night he made the Barefoot Contessa’s Roasted Winter Vegetables and found it fundamentally soothing.  I have almost every Barefoot cookbook, but really didn’t want to have to go combing through every single one for the recipe so I was thrilled to find the recipe easily on the food network’s site.  If you’re a Barefoot fan you can also check her reader Q&A updates on the House Beautiful website.


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