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A Little Taste

I mentioned I threw a big bash this weekend–here is just a little taste of what it was like.

hors deouvres

The hors d’oeuvres table (from left): pasteles (also known as pastelitos) and red cabbage slaw, sweet corn tamales and cream, sweet plantain empanadas.  Pasteles are fried pockets of dough (in this case the dough is corn meal-based) stuffed with meat and vegetables (we served chicken and beef, though pork is the chef’s favorite).  The slaw is to be heaped atop the pasteles.

small centerpieces

The long table on the patio;  I don’t know who took/styled this pic (have a feeling it was my dad) but the Panama hat is a nice touch.  I brought the runner back from Belize a couple years ago.  All flowers are by Bloomies at Market Hall.  The small centerpieces here include sunflowers, stock, hypericon berries, snowball viburnum, mint, and rosemary.


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Arrangement of the Day

I am on an artichoke kick, clearly:


with amaryllis and roses, via Seaport Flowers, New York City.

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Arrangement of the Day


Arrangement and photograph by Flower Wild

I like this arrangement for today because it is exudes deep spring, almost summer with its tulips and raspberries.  The roses make it feminine but the other elements keep it from being cloying. It could greet guests on a commode in a small entry way and then moved to the table for lunch time on the patio since its height makes it appropriate as a centerpiece.   Continue reading


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On a Lighter Note

I’ve been meaning to share a new discovery.  While reading this month’s Sunset magazine (I seriously have grown to love it; it soothes me so hard, please don’t let it fold) I came across an article on Erin Rosenow, formerly of ARL local favorite Birch SF

Rosenow runs Rosenow Floral Design, which serves San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.  I’m always on the look out for new, fresh, beautiful floral design (harder to come across that one would think) so I was thrilled to find out about Rosenow.  

Rosenow’s designs range from the classic:


to the avant-garde:


Visit the website and click on the tab “I like color” to view photographs of more amazing designs in flash.

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