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Flower of the Day: Scabiosa

I love the simplicity of scabiosa; a flower with a complete lack of pretension.


Scabiosa comes in an array of colors including a variety of blues and violets.  One of my personal favorites is the “black” scabiosa.  


Scabiosa is also famous for its pods.  They look a little funny on their own, but are a floral designers secret trick.  The chameleonlike little balls can be tucked into arrangements of various colors, shapes and sizes to add texture and interest.


Finally, a beautiful photograph of a classic periwinkle scabiosa (the tight little buds are a whole other beautiful entity no?):




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I’m slowly emerging from the sick bed and thrilled that this article just came out in the East Bay Express:

In Rockridge, a Rarefied Crime: Flower Poaching

and ARL got a photo credit.  Fun!

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Lilac, snowball viburnum, violet and green tulips


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Things that Soothe: Apartment Therapy (I know)

Honestly, I’ve never really gotten into Apartment Therapy.  Like many sites that I want to LOVE, it’s just a little too Real Simple-y for me sometimes.  But I decided to check out the SF site today and it’s soothing the hell out of me.  Especially these posts:

  • Urban Indigo-a seriously soothing Oakland boutique in the Grand Lake neighborhood
  • Black Flowers-who doesn’t love them?  Apparently “gotard”
  • Garden Inspired Interiors-not great examples all of them, but that lead image is enough to make it one of my faves:


Here is an arrangement featuring my favorite “black” flower: chocolate cosmos (and two of my other favorite flowers muscari and hellebore).


Discovered at Southern Accents, arrangement by Greg Campbell of Memphis


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Color, more Sweet Peas, Scent


These tulips are HUGE!  And very open.  All of these flowers were a gift from my former employer at Bloomie’s up the street at Market Hall.  She said she bought the sweet peas just for their scent, because these bunches were especially fragrant.  They are so amazing!  So often you can barely smell the sweet peas that come out of florists, but not these; I feel like I’m smelling sweet peas for the first time!  

When I got them home I left each flower grouped in the bunch it came in because I love the strong color blocks–and I showed off the deep green of the smooth leaves and stems of the tulip with a tall clear mason jar.  

The scent revelation that these sweet peas sent me on led me to realize that the Soy Face Cream by Fresh that I sampled from Sephora (and couldn’t stomach the $42 for 1 oz.) and have been scraping from the bottom of my sample actually smells literally of sweet peas.  Sorry Fresh I don’t know where you got that soy scent, smells like sweet peas to me, but either way I’ll take it!  I might actually have to throw down the $42.  It’s just that good.

soyActual size of sample container.  Note emptiness.



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Roses, ranunculus, flowering sage, unknown branches (wegnia?)


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Definition of Soothe

sweetpeasFrom Soother1978’s visit to NYC’s Union Square Farmers Market


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