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Hump Day Links

  • Why don’t you…dine al fresco?  Facilitated by the East Bay Express’s annual Outdoor Dining Guide
  • I’m tempted to do a poll on this: Miracle Fruit.  I love Lottie + Doof, but I’m not sure I’m entirely sold…More on Miracle Fruit via Lottie + Doof
  • Grab a Cheeseboard pizza for lunch.  Today’s pizza has Cremini Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Baby Spinach, Mozzarella Cheese, Asiago Cheese, *PINENUTS*, Garlic Olive Oil, Italian Parsley, via Cheeseboard’s Twitter
  • Go buy some peonies!  And don’t come crying to me when you have to pay $25/stem (imported from New Zealand) when you’re looking for them in November…

nicolettecamilleArrangement and photograph by the exceedingly talented Nicolette Camille

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I’m thinking about:

  • building student confidence to improve academic achievement; see NY Times and The Situationist
  • how did I forget today was Earth Day?  Jewels of New York in Fort Greene (details on their Twitter) My students are super excited about the film Earth.  “It looks hecka tight!”  Opening today, Earth Day.
  • why aren’t there more floral design blogs?  And where did I put all those Parisian florist business cards I collected last spring?
  • Summer!
  • (in this case still thinking about) how many of my students were stoned on 4/20, how I’m supposed to feel about that, and what I’m supposed to do…NY Times on legalization
  • so much trouble in the world; breath in suffering breath out loving kindness
  • my latest “ethical dilemma.”  Would you like to read it? 
  • Grilled Halibut with Chimichurri—YES! recipe at Epicurious

chimichurriphoto by Romulo Yanes

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I have a Five Minute Break

I’m visiting:

Small Stump to check out flowers

Miss Pickering because she has an amazing all-green arrangement

Martha Stewart’s Twitter because she is hysterical.  What’s up with the Ted Turner obsession?

Berkeley Parent’s Network for a tree trimmer/cutter-downer

The pinkness I missed last weekend in NYC

Let’s escape!

PS: Don’t forget Paris!  I want those effing Chanel tights!

PPS: and eating Thai Vegetable Gyoza from TJ’s

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Alistair Bomfray and Jesse Scaccia have formed Teacher Revised, a new blog focused on the experience of teaching from teachers’ perspectives.  The site includes personal reflections from current teachers as well as essay on education news and politics.  

The Jewels of New York have begun shipment of Easter cookies.  Pastel paradise with sparkling dragées.  Please note that dragees are for decorative use only and should be removed before eating.

While some 3,000 miles away, Rockridge Market Hall is gearing up for Passover–all the Matzoh you can eat, “Scott’s Famous Chopped Liver,” and Flourless Chocolate Mousse Squares.  

I didn’t know until this morning that there was a U.C. Merced, but they’ve won over Michelle Obama for this year’s commencement.  I wonder what she’ll wear?

I’m not sure which side of this issue I’m on.  Does that mean I’m getting old?

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Wednesday Links

Eddie Ross continues to be prolific and backs us up on our love of carnationsEddie Ross

Quilty reminds us that we are sad we don’t live in NYC, although we’ll take the Oakland sunshine over the NYC slush I hear is there today, GoodJobbb

and Rimpletide does the important work of exploring our collective sexuality for us vis a vis wooden dolls, Rimpletide

while the Pipeline reports on what’s hot from the hottest (pretty fucking hot) currently cold climate, Stockholm, The Pipeline

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Morning Links

Is Saddleshoos channeling Sontag? Rimpletide

Mark Bittman is out-food-journaling me and I like it. Bitten

The author of Pink Wallpaper is soothing my inauguration fatigue with an update on David Collins work and boy do I love those ikat panels in the bar!  Why am I so ikat-obsessed?  Is ikat over? Pink Wallpaper

Jenny Davidson is teaching 18th century English satire this semester, may I join in? Light Reading



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Announcing: New Terri Timely site

Same address, new look: territimely.com.  Check it out!  

New on the site: Check for “Cecil” in the short films section.  It’s a kick. 


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I’m Rarely Jealous

But Mrs. Blandings Flair Annual find has me a little on the green side.

I was lucky enough to be given several original issues of Flair back in 1999 when I was working the desk at Hollyhock.  A kind client thought it was darling that a teenager shop girl thought Flair was “it” and brought in a couple watermarked copies from her attic for me. 

But this Flair Annual has my vintage copies beat.

Here’s an image of the open book:

Some amazing garden illustrations:

and an owl with a butterfly for a face:

I just love that owl.  It’s like kitsch crossed with fashion crossed with botanicals.  LOVE IT.

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This Chick and Her Food Writing Soothe

I like this website:


I’m not even sure why I like it, since I skim it at best, and disagree with her about Ici and Caesar.  But she’s got style.

If you’re in the Bay Area, consider her a great resource for food tips.  She’s pretty on top of the travel scene too (what’s up Momofuku NYC).

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In Case You Haven’t Seen This

I. did a rendition of this on our 4th date.  I was so confused.  It was months before I saw the show.

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