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Alistair Bomfray and Jesse Scaccia have formed Teacher Revised, a new blog focused on the experience of teaching from teachers’ perspectives.  The site includes personal reflections from current teachers as well as essay on education news and politics.  

The Jewels of New York have begun shipment of Easter cookies.  Pastel paradise with sparkling dragées.  Please note that dragees are for decorative use only and should be removed before eating.

While some 3,000 miles away, Rockridge Market Hall is gearing up for Passover–all the Matzoh you can eat, “Scott’s Famous Chopped Liver,” and Flourless Chocolate Mousse Squares.  

I didn’t know until this morning that there was a U.C. Merced, but they’ve won over Michelle Obama for this year’s commencement.  I wonder what she’ll wear?

I’m not sure which side of this issue I’m on.  Does that mean I’m getting old?

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I Love This Website


Have you discovered the amazingness that is MrsO yet?  

My favorite recent post (and Mrs. O outfit) is “Mystery Coat Revealed.”


The fierceness that is Michelle Obama is wearing a Sonia Rykiel (LOVE her) wool wing coat.  Thanks to the sleuths at MrsO for unearthing the origins of that amazing outfit.  

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