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Passover: Liberation and Chocolate

Tonight the Jews will celebrate the ancient exodus from Egypt and slavery.  Unfortunately I will not be formally celebrating tonight, but My Kugelhopf quickly transported me to possibly the most pleasurable part of the seder meal (and any meal): dessert!  Kerrin Rousset of Kugelhopf has posted the most mouth-watering delectable matzoh-sweet explosion.  In the vein of many of my chocolate posts of late (here and here; reviewing chocolates such as Fran’s, Poco Dolce, and Barlovento), Rousset mixes her matzoh with “golden butter caramel and creamy dark chocolate” + Maldon salt?  My favorite??!! OY VE!!!


This post is a MUST read and the recipe–a MUST try.  It’s EASY.  I’m running out for some last minute matzoh right now!


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We Just Missed (International?) Macaron Day!

I found out through a phenomenal blog called My Kugelhopf.  Kerrin Rousset is everything I wish I were: Europe-based, fully bilingual, ace photographer, and constant traveler.  Things I like about her blog: the text : photo ratio is perfect.  Her writing is descriptive, clear, and accessible (font isn’t too small, hate that when I find good blogs with extra small font!) and the photographs are vivid and well-styled, yet never lose a sense of realism.  Live vicariously.  It’s gorgeous.

Three “M’s” of My Kugelhopf:



menthebleue1Menthe Bleue


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