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Recipe Review: Perfect Roast Potatoes

I had been very excited to try Nigella Lawson’s Perfect Roast Potatoes but in the end they didn’t wow me.  Admittedly I didn’t procure goose fat, I used bacon fat.  I like the semolina coating and the crisp exterior-to-soft-interior factor was good, but they didn’t send me.  Here’s a pic of my creation:


I ended up sprinkling my serving with some 5% black truffle salt I picked up at Pasta Shop, which had a lovely affect.

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Ever since I read this recipe around the winter holidays I’ve been wanting to try it.  The thought of all that goose fat scared me off at first, but tonight I’m diving in:

Nigella Lawson’s “Perfect Roast Potatoes” recipe via Food Network.

Updates to follow.

Now all I can think about is truffle salt…

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