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Last Night’s Party

UPDATE: To all of you who were impressed by this, please make sure you note the nozzle under each label, which sprays the perfume directly onto your person.

All I will disclose is that the bathroom of the bar where I was had this amazing old perfume dispensing machine:

perfume11White Shoulders, Shalimar, and My Sin

perfume21Chanel #5, Tabu, and White Shoulders (again)


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NYC Part 1

After throwing on some curls and pearls we headed over the Brooklyn Bridge down to the Financial district to the Forever Young Party.  It was the perfect New York night.  Not too cold and the Empire State was in my favorite decor: all white lights.  So classic.  The city got dressed for the Jans that night.  


We stopped at a Citibank on Broadway for some cash and in perfect NYC style I got hit on by a bum.  Men in New York.  Honestly.  Even the bums think they can get the hot chick.  

When we arrived at China Chalet it wasn’t yet 10.  My people had already been in place, decorating and setting up for the fete.  It was a beautiful reunion.  We all had time to hang out and get drinks in the relative quiet before the storm.  I got to meet the sassy and sexy proprietess of Beach House, the fabulous Miss Vicky B.  She soothes to insane levels and WAS FUCKING WEARING SADDLE SHOES.  HELLO!  It was love at first sight.

Things got rolling quickly though.  Before I knew it guests were pouring in.  I saw my Marlborough girls, Soph, Ash, Remy, Camille, Michelle, Lauren, Christina.  Damn.  They were looking great.  I swear the most grounded people I know in NYC are those who transplanted there from LA. 

One of the Jan’s mom was there, and the other Jan’s bro was on site.  It was a total family affair.  There was the fabulous Gelardi clan in all its glory, and looking sharp.  

There was a photo booth, photographers, and props.  Here are our hosts and the honorees of the evening; on the left, Jan Philippe and P, on the right Jan Edward in the glasses and tie:



There were so many people there I saw people I haven’t seen in three, four, five years.  Wade, Justin, Ken, Noah, Kate.  Damn.  Amazing that I’ve gotten to the age where I can say that I saw people I haven’t seen in five years.  

The space was huge.  There was a huge bar/lounge area, a dining room with banquettes, a long hallway with mini booths along the side, and a big dance floor in the back with a second bar.

My best man Devotion was there with Kiss Me I’m Polish and I set up fort at one end of the main bar in the front.  We laughed and drank beers that we had to order four and five at a time since the bartenders were so damn old and slow, doublefisting at a double birthday party was the only way to go.




The music was the best I’ve ever heard in NYC–honestly.   Courtesy of DJs Tim Sweeney (DFA) & Scott Anderson.  I didn’t dance as much as I usually would because I was too busy screaming and yelling catching up in the front bar but I did hit it for a little and all I remember was dancing to Tony Toni Tone “Let’s Get Down” and never loving anything more.  

There were so many beautiful people there.  It was as if the world was glittery and shining that night and someone had sprinkled fairy dust over the whole evening. There was even a second girl wearing saddle shoes–Red ones!!!  The only thing that brought anyone back (or further from) Earth was the ghostly image of Michael Stipe(!) waiting outside the double glass doors for a late entrance when the club was at capacity.  

I was running around telling everyone how good they looked.  Handing out compliments like it was my job.  Sorry Bay, NYC makes you look ugly!  You need to sharpen up and learn how to dress!  People in NYC are tight!  Even the uglies are looking good over there. 

We closed the place down around 4 or so and a big group of us headed down Wall Street to a deli to grab a bite.  We got egg and cheese sandwiches and slices and nothing ever tasted so good.  A good, generic NYC deli.  Dime a dozen in the city, impossible to get anywhere else.  The big cases of prepared food, neon lights, guys in blue and white aprons, and unbelievably flawless slices and bagels.  [You don’t understand the issue I had Tuesday morning in Rockridge when I was craving a bagel.  OY VE!  Problem.  The craving was so intense.  My husband went and got me Noah’s.  I protested, but ultimately gave in.  He didn’t want to drive all the way to Manhattan Bagels on 4th Street, which I haven’t tried but is supposed to be great.  When he brought it to me and asked me how it was I didn’t even have the heart to tell him how incredibly bland that thing was.]

We moved the after hours party to Brooklyn where I ended my night–just tearing myself away knowing I really didn’t want to see sunrise all that much–dancing to Biggie rap “Juicy.”  Very symbolic as I had left the West Coast years before, abandoned the riotous streets of L.A. and its segregation and its fearless leader Pac for the in-your-face East Coast where I converted wholeheartedly to Biggie:

I live out there, so don’t go there, but that don’t mean a — can’t rest in the West, see some nice breasts in the West, smoke some nice cess in the West, y’all — is a mess thinking I’m gon stop givin LA props, all I got is beef with those who violate me, I shall annihilate thee…



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Hot Hosts


Approximate time: 11PM

My Hot Hosts in NYC enjoy some libation at the Forever Young party at China Chalet.

Earlier that evening I was greeted by B and B at their Navy Yard loft by my own room (denoted with a name placard on my door), fresh linens, Cora the English bulldog, and a beautiful spread of tapas.  We had a fabulous dinner: tortilla, lasagna, scallops, ay!  We drank the Txacoli, it was amazing.  We rolled up her hair, threw on some pearls and sequins and we were off!


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I thought I was excited when I saw R29’s coverage of the after party

and then I saw the CLOTHES.

Vena Cava really delivered this time. I’ve always been a fan, but this is some of their strongest work yet.  You can tell that Buhai and Mayock have come into their own as designers: there’s no holds barred here, they are doing what they love and the clothes show it.  Simultaneously bolder and more palatable than any previous collection, they offer us the pinnacle of ancient civilization to wear on our backs: Egypt.  

Wear these clothes hard with Elizabeth Taylor eyebrows and a stride that says “I’M WORTH IT DAMMMIT!”

Congratulations ladies.  

See the entire collection at Style.com


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Oy Ve

Last night this song inspired a full-fledged four-hour-long dance-off.


F*cking Boyfriend

I am awakened by my surprising soreness.  Here’s a playlist in no particular order…we were shuffling:


Billie Jean Michael Jackson Thriller Pop 1 8/24/08 1:24 AM
Hip Hop 3:16 Mos Def Black On Both Sides Hip Hop/Rap 2 8/24/08 1:27 AM
Shake It Off 3:53 Mariah Carey The Emancipation Of Mimi R&B 80 8 8/24/08 1:31 AM
Lovers in the Backseat 3:18 Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters Pop
Palo Pa Rumba 7:35 Eddie Palmieri Salsa Brava Salsa 80
Human Nature 4:06 Michael Jackson Thriller Pop
Heartbeats 3:52 The Knife Deep Cuts Electronic 100 4
Wake Up Call 3:21 Maroon 5 It Won’t Be Soon Before Long Alternative & Punk
Lucky Star 3:38 Madonna The Immaculate Collection Pop
Put It On Me 4:23 Ja Rule Featuring Vita The Source Hip Hop Music Awards 2001 Hip Hop/Rap 80 1
Bossy 4:40 Keilis R&B
Cry Me a River 4:48 Justin Timberlake Justified Pop
Let’s Go Crazy 4:39 Prince And The Revolution Purple Rain Soundtrack 80 2 8/24/08 1:12 AM
Gold Digger 3:32 Kanye West Late Registration
My Love 4:36 Justin Timberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds R&B 1
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) 3:59 Michael Jackson Thriller Pop
Cinnamon Girl 3:57 Prince Musicology R&B 1 8/24/08 1:15 AM
Comfortably Numb. 4:26 Scissor Sisters 1 8/24/08 1:07 AM
01 Mariah Carey Feat. Snoop Dogg  & Pharell Williams – Say Something 3:43 80 3 8/24/08 12:57 AM
Keysha Cole – Let it Go ft. lil’ kim, missy 5:16 2
Again & Again 2:46 The Bird & The Bee The Bird And The Bee Pop
Gold Lion 3:09 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Indie 80 3 8/24/08 12:48 AM
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 1:58 The Beatles Abbey Road Pop 1 8/24/08 12:41 AM
Whitney Houston – How Will I Know 4:31 4 8/24/08 12:35 AM
Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang 3:58 Dr. Dre Feat Snoop Dogg The Chronic Hip Hop/Rap 1 8/24/08 12:12 AM
Private Idaho 3:36 The B-52’s Nude On The Moon: The B-52’s Anthology (Disc 1) Rock 1 8/23/08 11:46 PM
My Prerogative 4:38 Bobby Brown 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bobby Brown R&B/Soul 80 4 8/23/08 11:42 PM
Computer Blue 4:00 Prince And The Revolution Purple Rain Soundtrack 80 1 8/23/08 11:31 PM
La La Love You 2:44 Pixies Doolittle Alternative & Punk 3 8/23/08 11:20 PM
9 To 5 2:48 Dolly Parton The Essential Dolly Parton Country 3 8/23/08 11:17 PM
Getting Married 3:35 Yellowman The Biggest Dancehall Anthems- 1979-1982 (Disc 2) Reggae 80 1 8/23/08 11:08 PM
Hollywood Freaks 3:59 Beck Midnite Vultures Alternative & Punk
Tropicalia 3:21 Beck Mutations Alternative & Punk
Baby Boy ft Sean Paul 4:05 Beyonce Dangerously In Love
Good Vibrations 4:37 Brian Wilson Smile Pop 100
Let Me Ride 4:21 Dr. Dre Feat RBX And Snoop Dogg The Chronic Hip Hop/Rap 1
Stronger 5:12 Kanye West Graduation Hip-Hop/Rap 3
Flashing Lights 3:57 Kanye West Graduation Hip-Hop/Rap 80
Heard ‘Em Say 3:26 Kanye West Late Registration 2
Glass Corridor 4:33 Lansing-Dreiden The Incomplete Triangle Rock
When Doves Cry 5:54 Prince And The Revolution Purple Rain Soundtrack 80
I would give you the files but stupid wordpress says it can embed audio but then only accepts:
“Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt”
This is how fast we were moving:


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