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Petrified Forest Reprise

manzanita new growth

The red leaves are new growth on this Manzanita branch


A pretty meadow




Gesturing Manzanitas

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Petrified Forest

Yesterday I visited the Petrified Forest near Calistoga California. It is believed that the Petrified Forest was created over three million years ago when Mt. St. Helena erupted. The eruption and earthquake that followed were so severe that the giant redwoods were felled and molten lava and ash covered the forest.

 The Petrified Forest is a looped trail through a non-petrified forest with examples of petrified trees lying where they fell millions of years ago as a sort of exhibit. It was a fun little walk. Nice to stroll through the manzanitas, madrones, firs, oaks, etc. A few wild flowers too.


I especially liked the ferns growing out of the petrified wood–and the moss growing everywhere
Another close up of the petrified wood and the ferns
A madrone trunk I fell in love with

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