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Hard Truths

I love this series of “hard truths” of gardening via Sunset Magazine.

“Buying a plant for its flowers is like choosing a wife for her bonnet.”

bonnetUntitled photograph by Dorothea Lange

“Hard Truths” Part 1, Part 2


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Begonia’s Lomography; Dreaming New York, Dreaming Morocco




All of these photographs were taken by Begonia Colomar.  The preceding were taken in New York with a Lomo LC-A+.




The preceding three were taken in Morocco with a Lomo LC-A.

Begonia is at http://begoniacolomar.com/

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A Moment For Merce

Merce Cunningham and his work has made an indelible mark on my consciouness.  It is with mixed emotions that I received this article in the New York Times on Cunningham’s plans for ensuring preservation of his lifelong career as a dancer and choreographer.  Cunningham turned ninety on April 16 this year.

I discovered Merce Cunningham in college in New York (where I discovered most great things) and although that time of my life–a selfish immersion in arts–is past, I think about him, his philosophy, his dialogs with John Cage, and his worldview quite often.  Here is a video of Cage and Cunningham in their element:

Unfortunately the YouTube poster didn’t date the video but from the two men’s ages it looks to be from the mid to late 50s.

Merce’s time on Earth is limited, as all of ours is in one way or another.  You can find him now, as vibrant as ever, on a video series called “Mondays with Merce” on the Merce Cunningham Dance Company website.  The videos show the company rehearsing at Merce’s direction and interviews with dancers, artists, collaborators, and of course with Merce himself.  Enjoy.

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company website.

“Mondays with Merce”



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One of My Favorite Burgeoning Photographers & Bloggers



This is a series done by Emily Denton of Wild Life (Wild Life is the title of her Seattle-based blog). She’s one of the raddest women I know, in the true sense of the word radical.  Check her out!

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I. and I had a great visitor from Viet Nam last week and the house is feeling a little empty without him.  He’ll be back soon.  In the mean time I’m satiating my need for Vietnamese flair in my life via the art and photography of Magdalena Long from on her Saigon-based blog.  I am particularly in love with her photographs.  Here’s one from a series titled Afternoon Drive:


If you’re as intrigued by these facades reflections and shadows as I am click here for another mini-series.  

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Otra Vez!

More from Begoña!  Magnifico!

begonia2Chicken a la cazuela, with garlic , olive oil, parsley and vinegar

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La Comida

Veteran readers might remember a series of posts from a few months back featuring the recipes and photographs of the multi-talented Begoña Colomar (click here and here).  Ms. Colomar just sent me this picture, and I thought I would share it with you:

begoniaGrilled Cauliflower with Shallots, raisins, almonds & Chorizo refrito

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Spring is here, I need a bike

This is my friend Matthew Bowne’s debut frame and build-up.  Isn’t it beautiful?  


The inspiring interior of his bike studio in Brooklyn:


These two beautiful photos are by Miha Matei.  I was thrilled to discover Matei through Bowne’s bikes since she spends a lot of time photographing two of my favorite things, food and flowers.  I was desperately trying NOT to write about food and flowers today, and Matei has made that hard.  Hit up her website for beautiful photographs of f&f.

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We Just Missed (International?) Macaron Day!

I found out through a phenomenal blog called My Kugelhopf.  Kerrin Rousset is everything I wish I were: Europe-based, fully bilingual, ace photographer, and constant traveler.  Things I like about her blog: the text : photo ratio is perfect.  Her writing is descriptive, clear, and accessible (font isn’t too small, hate that when I find good blogs with extra small font!) and the photographs are vivid and well-styled, yet never lose a sense of realism.  Live vicariously.  It’s gorgeous.

Three “M’s” of My Kugelhopf:



menthebleue1Menthe Bleue


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Hangover Pictures, Saturday December 6, 2008


For some reason a lot of vintage furniture was being set up in front of the warehouse under my window

navyThe view towards the Navy Yard

bqeThe view towards the BQE

All pictures taken from the 4th floor of 10 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn

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