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One of My Favorite Burgeoning Photographers & Bloggers



This is a series done by Emily Denton of Wild Life (Wild Life is the title of her Seattle-based blog). She’s one of the raddest women I know, in the true sense of the word radical.  Check her out!

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I. and I had a great visitor from Viet Nam last week and the house is feeling a little empty without him.  He’ll be back soon.  In the mean time I’m satiating my need for Vietnamese flair in my life via the art and photography of Magdalena Long from on her Saigon-based blog.  I am particularly in love with her photographs.  Here’s one from a series titled Afternoon Drive:


If you’re as intrigued by these facades reflections and shadows as I am click here for another mini-series.  

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Trip to Koreana Plaza in Pictures



Every type of fish-, soya-, and seaweed-based product pre-pickled and packed for take-home


In bulk


These objects are smaller than they appear

armenianWho knew that Koreans were such fans of Armenian Brandy?  Or that it came in such fun containers? (cork is at the derriere)

Koreana Plaza, 2370 Telegraph Ave at 24th Street in Oakland, 94612


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Part of the Previous Series but Pleasing Enough for Its Own Post Proper


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