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It’s Monday Morning and I’m Excited About…

au revoir simone2

The women of Au Revoir Simone

ruffled pattyRuffled Patty in all her glory


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Flower of the Day: Poppies

I have been meaning to capture the bearded irises of Rockridge, but by the time I got around to it most were brown and shriveled.  Perhaps there will be one more bloom cycle before the season is over.  In the mean time, in my search for irises I came across a ton of poppies.  Here they are:

fringed red



poppies low

red poppieS

big red

large white poppies

Romneya coulteri (matilla poppy)

That last picture is my favorite.  [Rimpletide mentions that I might want to mention Amitav Ghosh’s new book Sea of Poppies (re: opium wars) here.  This post should be titled See of Poppies (re: Rockridge life).]

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Arrangement of the Day


Arrangement and photograph by Flower Wild

I like this arrangement for today because it is exudes deep spring, almost summer with its tulips and raspberries.  The roses make it feminine but the other elements keep it from being cloying. It could greet guests on a commode in a small entry way and then moved to the table for lunch time on the patio since its height makes it appropriate as a centerpiece.   Continue reading


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