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I Can’t Live, If Living is Without Scent

Laura Mercier Bath Products.

Holy F-ing S.

It’s not about the fact that they are by Laura Mercier, it’s just that they smell so good, and they do it in this way that literally wipes the cares of the world away.  I’m not sure I would’ve made if through my first year teaching had it not been for the Almond Coconut Milk Scrub, WHICH incidentally I thought I didn’t like on first whiff.  I thought initially it was too cloying and sweet.  Maybe it is when you smell it out of the jar, but get in a hot shower and it’s a whole new world.  It’s got the power to soothe you to the point that you can say: “this feels so good, spoils me so well, and soothes me so hard, I feel like I can go back to that inner city school and be called a c-bag by a 13-year-old again tomorrow!” WITHOUT sarcasm or irony.  

Now the bad news: I took a fabulous bath the other night with the Clementine Honey Bath.  Gorgeous scent, soft citrus balanced by a creaminess, but not exactly vanilla (I get so tired of those predictable vanilla/citrus scents).  I used way too much, because I didn’t have very much left, and it was just that bad of a day.  Amazing bubbles.  Here sits my empty jar, beside me:

and the realization as I write this post that LM must have DISCONTINUED our gorgeous Clementine Honey Bath!!!  It’s not in the honey bath section of the website, nor does a search return any results for the word “clementine.” EEK!

Well, discontinuation is a bitch, but everything LM has is so amazing I’m sure we’ll get by with one of the other honey bath options.  

This post, like many of my others, has a tongue-in-cheek bourgeouis subject and tone.  But the inherent contradictions of Saddleshoos, an inner-city teacher who loves Laura Mercier bath products, has more to offer than where to buy.  

For some hippie s.: let’s get in touch with our senses and smell for a change.  The dominance of language ties us up in eyes and ears.  I just wrote a paragraph on my response to scent.  Can you? 


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What Schoolmarms and the Runway have in Common

Hair powder has long been touted on the runway, and is a centuries-old tradition for dealing with unmanageable (at times un-clean) hair.

This fall pass on Bumble and Bumble and Johnson and Johnson and go for my new favorite:

Dr. Haushka’s Body Silk, nurturing luxurious powder for face, hair and body.

Smells amazing and works like a dream.  Puff, puff, brush.  A brilliant solution for early mornings before school too.

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It’s the little things that soothe the most.

Sixth grade core curriculum beckons, but sometimes you have to take a minute for yourself. 

Last week, before the district school year resumed, I got a Luxury Hydrafacial at the Claremont.  They soothe SO HARD!!!  And I went on a little binge in the gift shop too with my “prescription” from my esthetician.  Of course my skin is 99% perfect so there wasn’t a lot on the to-do list, but I did indulge in all the best-smelling topical treatments I had experienced in the facial.  Behold Rose Geranium Soothing Plant Milk Mist by Naturopathica:

It’s so perfect that I didn’t even open it for days.  This morning I got a jolting phone call that left me fuming just a bit, which was annoying because I like to bring my personal best to the classroom, as I require all of my students to.  I saw the slender blue bottle on the bedside table, popped it open, and with a spritz-spritz! I was a new person.  SO soothing.  The smell is phenomenal.  It’s like insta-spa.

The other thing that soothes me–hard–is my new, self-designed shades.  When I was looking into window treatments I knew they would be expensive.  I live in a 1910 craftsman, and nothing is standard.  Anyone who has ever lived in a craftsman knows the windows can be the biggest bitch.  

I found a GORGEOUS picture in Elle Decor of some linen Roman shades and took it to the local custom shop to get them copied.  I figured, I live in Oakland, how bad could the prices be at the local custom shop?  The answer is BAD.  So expensive!  But there was this adorable girl working there who showed me some custom roll-top shades.  Super cheap, all custom cut, choose your own trim and shape etc.  They also come in sustainable materials, and options such as blackout, sheer, etc.  

I chose the pattern, the trim, and shade material, and they turned out to be so chic, so soothing.  I just have to share the soothingness to which I wake:


What is super important about these shades is to get them reverse-rolled so that the roll doesn’t show at the top.  If the roll shows at the top the shades become automatically NOT SOOTHING.  They become cheap-o landlord shades.  THAT IS A NO PEOPLE!  Don’t do it!  More how-to, resources, etc. to come.  I’m off to school, feeling soothed, and prepared to do my personal best!!!

Tassels soothe. 

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Helmut Newton eat your heart out

I’ve been very stressed lately.  In light of that, I’ve taken to frequent bathing, in spite of the environmental implications.  I discovered some Shiseido bath tablets in my mother’s bathroom when I was visiting last weekend.  They were unused and she explained that a Dutch harpist had brought them and some other matching products as a gesture of appreciation.  I showed interest and she re-gifted gladly.  To my surprise, the pleasant enough smelling tablets contained a lot of yellow3-6-9 or whatever they put in fruit roll ups these days.  This chartreuse color is reminiscent of a ’69 Porsche that once belonged to Timothy Leary, in which my mother learned to drive on a trip across the alps sometime between ’69 and ’71, not sure.


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