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Roses, ranunculus, flowering sage, unknown branches (wegnia?)


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Absolutely Brilliant Arrangement(s) of the Day

The brilliance that is Lewis Miller of LMD Floral:




all images from the LMD website


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Arrangement of the Day


Arrangement and photograph by Flower Wild

I like this arrangement for today because it is exudes deep spring, almost summer with its tulips and raspberries.  The roses make it feminine but the other elements keep it from being cloying. It could greet guests on a commode in a small entry way and then moved to the table for lunch time on the patio since its height makes it appropriate as a centerpiece.   Continue reading


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Another Day, Another Ranunculus Devotion

I just couldn’t resist.  The white ranunculus in the basket are just two bunches.  I decided to get a third bunch of this light pink almost salmon-y color–it’s one of my favorites (although the pure white and green goes so well in my house, generally speaking).  I put the pink ones in one of my favorite coffee cups (thank you World Mart) with just a few sprigs of lemon leaves from the backyard.  So excited about this:


And of course, a detail shot:


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Farmer’s Market Ranunculus

Soother1978 and I went to the Temescal Farmer’s Market at the Oakland DMV this morning with a mission for beautiful, full, even FAT ranunculus.

We got three bunches for $10.  I got to use my new basket/vase for the first time!  Here are the results:




It’s still early in the season so the ranuncs aren’t AS fat as I like them, but they’ll get there.

Soother1978 soothed himself with a fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s while we were in the area.  We love the sandwiches, but we discussed the inherent unsoothingness of places with a single, great thing that everyone has to cue up for–the Magnolia Bakery vibe–great products but so much hype!  Hype doesn’t soothe.  And Oakland, as much as I love it, has that small-town vibe where there’s always a line for anything good because there isn’t enough competition (think Ici and Blue Bottle Coffee).  Bring your business to Oakland!  If you build it we will spend!  We need a Blue Barn to soothe in the East Bay!


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Flowers by Bornay!

Amazing!  Click here to feast your eyes on all the beautiful creations (I visited every previous page-and it was worth it!). Flowers by Bornay.



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Your Daily Soothe-Ranunculus Season!


This wasn’t meant to be redundant, but is a tad after last week’s illustration

All I know is that it’s unfortunate, but I simply do not have the time to do any arranging these days.  A bunch of ranunculus are the perfect treat to keep my spirits up as I plow through the tidal wave of work I’m drowning in.  A fresh cut and a mason jar was all I needed.

I spent a great weekend in Lake Tahoe in spite of my hectic schedule.  It’s these forced breaks that loved ones argue will keep me sane until June, though I’m not totally sure they are right because I now have an even huger pile of grading to do.  We celebrated a close friend’s birthday and ate ate ate.  Tortilla Espanol, chicken sandwiches on the trail, banh mi, meat pie, chocolate whisky cake, and tonkatsu.  Honestly.  

Even though I was exhausted after all the eating and celebrating over the weekend, I was so thrilled about the extra hour of daylight last night I couldn’t resist running out and sprucing up the front garden.  My poor roses had gotten horrible mildew in all the rain and the lavender bushes were getting positively out of control.  I spent from 5PM-7PM clipping and snipping and couldn’t have been happier.  

Reality was a stinging slap in the face this morning at 5:30.  But with a clean garden and a perky bunch of ranunculus how can I complain?

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Dear patient readers of ARL,

Has it really been almost five days since I last posted?  Yikes!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, production has slowed over the past week.  I hope you’ll stay tuned for more news from Rockridge and tips on how to live a soothing, stylish, sustainable, and high-minded lifestyle.  

ARL would be nothing without you, generous readers.

Thank you for all your support.  I hope to see you again soon.

With warmest regards,




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Oh Mercy, Mercy Me

I was browsing FFFFOUND! and this image caught my eye:


Those ranunculus, those lamb’s ears, those mona lisa anemones!  Is that a branch of eucalyptus beads I see in the background?   WHO could have made this GORGEOUS arrangement?  WHO could have combined such unexpected elements yet made such an elegant statement?

It comes from the Saipua blog.  Where had I heard that name before?

Then I realized it’s those soothing soap-makers from Brooklyn who sell at Atomic Garden right here in Rockridge!  But they do floral design?  

After visiting the website, I have to admit I still don’t quite understand how all the pieces fit together.  All I know is that Saipua makes some of the most gorgeous, naturalistic, refined floral arrangements I’VE EVER SEEN.  Here are some more of my favorites:


They’ve mastered everything from the tall statement arrangment,


to the perfect posy;


from the modern, (succulents and sea holly)


to the classic (camelia, protea, lisianthus, veronica, queen anne’s lace, geranium leaves, dogwood, cock’s comb celosia).

I haven’t been this excited about a florist since I discovered Birch in San Francisco.  New Yorkers take note!  Let your loved ones know who to call the next time they’re in the dog house!


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Bloomies Soothes So Hard This Time of Year

It was this time last year that I began my career as a florist at Bloomies and discovered my intense obsession with flowers and floral design.  It’s a sentimental time of year for that reason.  Right now, Bloomies is pulling in fresh from market all my late-winter early-spring favorites: ranunculus(!), narcissus, stock, ornamental kale, hellebore, and the list goes on.  It’s just heavenly over there.  It’s a must visit–don’t forget to take something gorgeous and fragrant home!

ranunculusAh! The ranunculus alone!

Honestly, white ranunculus are the most beautiful, chic of blooms.  Maybe I just think this because they go really well with my small craftsman home decorated in neutrals, but either way. 


Here we have three different types of narcissus: the variety commonly known as paperwhites (far left), china narcissus, one of my FAVORITES due to the color and rose-like cluster of petals (center), and a scented mini-daffodil (upper right).



This is another of my absolute favorites, and I’ll take it in any color (and it comes in many).  I love the delicate, clustered blossoms arranged vertically on the stem, and the soft, sweet scent.  One of the best parts about these is that you can actually get them year-round and they are so inexpensive!  Bloomies bases all their prices on the market, but these most often go for a dollar a stem.  Gorgeous on their own or in an arrangement with other blooms.

Go forth!  And get Bloomied!

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