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U.S. Passport: Fait Accomplis

I arrived in Boston yesterday at the Omni Parker House (the longest continually operating hotel in the U.S. and reportedly where JFK proposed to Jackie) to a FedEx package containing my U.S. Passport–finally.  I can now start being excited about a long-awaited journey without fear of not being allowed in or out of any given country.  !!!

I’m trying to decide whether or not to spend any of my vacation time filing a complaint against rushmypassport.com with the Better Business Bureau and disputing the charges for a service they didn’t deliver.  I usually err on the side of “it takes too much effort to complain/get back at them,” but I’m feeling kind of like “that’s $300 I could spend on a great afternoon in Provence/Biarritz/San Sebastian.”  I haven’t published all the details here, but in addition to my passport taking twice the time they advertised, I received no communication from the company (I have records of at least 6 unreturned emails and 8 unreturned phonecalls, and caught them in a lie…but anyway).


That little red sign in the distance is Boston Chinatown

Right now I’m leaving Boston on a Peter Pan bus to Woods Hole.  Pretty motley crew on board–babies, preppy blondes in polos, moms loudly explaining to young children that they can’t sit in the front row because of people with special needs, a middle-aged woman in front of me singly softly to herself.  I keep on clearing my throat thinking it might make her realized how close we actually are and how “softly” sounds like “in my ear,” but I’m not sure she’s getting the message.  Just looked through the crack between the two seats and realized she and her male companian are sharing a pair of earbuds.

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The Bad News, The Good News

I’ll be running around all day today since I leave for a long trip tomorrow.

The bad news is I may or may not get to go on that trip as planned because rushmypassport.com (recommended by Forbes and CNN) has taken my money and not returned my passport in the time they advertise (I initiated my order on 6/16 making this the 6th business day of processing time for a service called “Priority” that the company’s website states takes 3-4 business days).

The good news is that my tomatoes have already started to bear fruit.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve barely been checking since I didn’t expect them till August.  Here’s one of my first (of my six plants I have three or so immature green little tomatoes):


The good and the bad news is that I just might get to sit at home for all of July and watch them grow to maturity.

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