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What’s Up With Black History Month

I’ve been thinking about BHM, and wanted to say something about it on ARL, so I did a little digging.  The first thing I came up with was Cynthia Tucker’s article that was published locally in the Chronicle on 2/9/09.  I think Tucker did a brilliant job elucidating the issues around keeping up the tradition, while simultaneously looking forward to better days.  I hope to share this with my students.  Let’s hear your thoughts.  

Black history is the nation’s history by Cynthia Tucker via the San Francisco Chronicle



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Post-its to Obama

I was proud to be part of a project conceived by Brian McMullen that ran in the special Inauguration section of Sunday’s SF Chronicle.  

Post-its to the President-Elect

Forty messages from Bay Area people, collected over seven days by San Francisco resident Brian McMullen



I think the ones about teaching are especially thoughtful.

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