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Things that Soothe: I do not live in New York!

It was a beeeeeeooooooooo-tiful 67 degrees in Oakland today (compared to the 40s in NYC).  I had an early meeting, which I was through with by 9:30, so today felt like a good old day of playing hooky from then on.

A friend and I had lunch (which included Concord grape spritzers) and then did a Rockridge to Elmwood walk along College Avenue.  We soaked up the sun and ended up at ICI, honestly one of my favorite places in the WHOLE world.  MSP and RCR got ice cream, while I soothed with a Blue Bottle iced latte since I. and I are having a no-sugar contest to kick off 2009.  The bench outside of Ici was taken, but who cares?  It’s not on the sunny side of the street!  So we went to take advantage of the one good and useful thing about the strange and mysterious yoga-fitness business known as Lululemon (who shops there?  and why?): the bench in front on the north-west corner of College and Ashby, which is ALWAYS sunny.  

Afterwards we stopped in at Tail of the Yak, otherwise known as my favorite place in the world #1, right before Ici at #2.  I picked up a simple black silk fan for $10 and some beautiful mini-tapers for $8.  FYI: the mini-tapers that TotY carries in many colors may not be available for much longer.  Get them while they’re hot!


PS: Regarding my favorite places in the whole world at spots #1 and #2, both of these establishments have INCREDIBLY wonderful scents.  Ici is like sitting in a old fashioned glass canister of super-fine sugar and Tail of the Yak has equal parts rose, sage, and juniper.  Love it!  So soothing.

In other news: Ranunculus are back!  More on that in the next post!

Changez-les idees!

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Best. Scent. Ever.

I’ve been wanting to write about this forever, because I love it so dearly.  You all must absolutely go out and find this scent, smell it, and become devoted followers!  It’s Wild English Clary Sage by Pacifica.


It has an edge of smokiness, but a clean finish.  It’s what I’ve converted to after a decade-long love of Dyptique’s Feu de Bois.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Dyptique.  And Dyptique is Parisian, ergo instantly superior, BUT, Dyptique majorly needs to come party with us in the 21st century–Soy candles are the only way to go!  I still love my Feu de Bois, but in comparison to the beautifully smoky-yet-clean Wild English Clary Sage, it just smells, well, smoky.  Like a fireplace.  

One is silver and the other’s gold.  The question is which is which.  You tell me.


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Safe subjects.

I’m really in love with these new bath salts.  They are coconut and lemon verbena scented.  And they do not turn my bathtub green.Shakti (energy)

It even comes with a quote from Rumi printed on the label.  

For purchase visit here.

This s. smells HELLA GOOD!

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