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For the Love of Low Heels

Finals stress+holiday stress=window shopping on e-commerce sites!

Bear in mind Saddleshoos will never purchase any of these glitzy concoctions in reality, but isn’t that what the Internet is for?  An escape from…?

Behold these hot Italian puppies:


“Eileen Shields” is not a designer name that elicits drool on its own, but I give ole’ Eileen-y props for these.  Mmm!  I can really see Saddleshoos ripping up a dance floor in those!

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These Really Soothe Me

I’ve almost completely sworn off high heels, unless the evening involves valet parking and no dancing (a rare combination of circumstances). But a low heel is just right. I’m IN LOVE with these Anna Sui’s:


Equal parts Betsey Johnson and Isadora Duncan. Perfect for my collection of frocks from the 20s and 30s. Color me in love. Available here at Shopbop.


If people ask me when I began to dance I reply, “In my mother’s womb, probably as a result of the oysters and champagne–the food of Aphrodite.”

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Saddleshoos is BACK!

It was a long week and a long weekend, but we have a new administration (almost) it’s Thanksgiving break (almost) and Saddleshoos is back!

Once again, a big thank you to Refinery29 for having Saddleshoos’ back!

I love that they got saddle shoes in a variety of colors.  I’m still searching for the perfect pair.  I want classic black and white, with a narrow, feminine cut, soft-ish soles, and the classic lace-up (none of this saddle shoes posing as flats or heels NO!).  My favorites I’ve found so far would have to be shipped all the way from down under:

saddle But I have to say, they are close to perfect.  They also come in blue/white, red/white, yellow/white, hot pink/white, (regular) pink/white, and leopard/black. 

I also picked up an AMAZING pair at my favorite thrift store, Alta Bates Hospital thrift store on College Avenue.  They’re Ferragamo’s, perfect condition, and an effing AAA width.  WTF.  I’ve tried wearing them and they hurt, so I’m going to try to get them stretched.  For $30, they were worth displaying in my closet:


They are made of this great pebble-texture leather.  So beautiful.  

Here’s Orlando Bloom showing us the importance of same-color laces with saddle shoes, so much more chic, less the 50’s Ed Debevic’s element:

orlandoUnfortunately, he loses points for the mismatched socks.  Not soothing.  Also he’s pretty much a cheeseball.  Please do not read that I’m advocating for Orlando Bloom or his style in general.  I simply found this image when Google image-searching saddle shoes.


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