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A Big Thanks…

to Rimpletide, for posting the perfect A.R.T. to end a long school year with, by an old favorite, Snow (kind of perfect irony for celebrating the coming on of summer).

I am fairly certain that I am as excited to be done with the school year as my students although I love them so.  But Rimpletide’s post reminded me of another time I was very excited to be done with a particularly long year-seventh grade.  Thank god it ended, and thank god for Snow.

Click here to enjoy.

snow picThe man also known as Snow.  I am pretty sure this look is saying “I don’t want to go to school today and I’m not taking off this hood in class.”

Happy Summer everyone!

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Merry Christmas from A Rockridge Life

We awoke this morning to snow falling dreamily from the sky onto our wooden surroundings.  


Christ the Lord is Born Today.


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Nevada City Soothes

Once we were able to navigate the driveway, Nevada City became the soothing Victorian winter wonderland it is at heart.  The houses are adorable and very well-kept.  Red bows, garlands, lights, and wreaths abound, which makes it all feel a lot like Christmas.  

Rain came yesterday to wash the snow away, which was a blessing given the driveway situation, but I snapped some White Christmas pictures before it all melted:



I just love the even blanket of snow on the roof.


I’m not sure what kind of tree this is but the little red berries are divine.


This one is for sale and it’s right at the top of Broad Street that runs through the old-fashioned downtown commercial district.  Quel adorable!


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