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Things That Soothe: Luscombe Organic Drinks

It’s been a hard week; lots of work and little rest.  I wasn’t sure I would make it to Friday afternoon.  On a just-before-closing-run to Rockridge Market Hall browsing for beer, I spotted my new FAVORITE thing sitting in the refriegerator: Organic Apple Juice with Elderflower from Luscombe. I’m not a huge juice person–unless there’s some beet and spinach in there I figure it’s not really that good for me.  But when it comes to Luscombe I know the ingredients are top notch, and frankly with that flavor, I could care less. 


soooooooooo soooooooooothing!!!!!!!


Thanks to Luscombe I know today will be a good day!  Soothe!

PS: additional soothing element: check out the top left corner of their website, which reads, “wine of wild orchards, juice of these valleys.”  Wildness soothes.  


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Time to Soothe

Well, when is it not time to soothe?  The problem is, so many of us soothe so little, and should soothe more!

Saddleshoos is signing off for the day to go get soothed at one of the most soothing places in the whole world: The Claremont Spa.  

I’ll be getting an aromatherapy massage (obviously; I’m into scent–I even considered bringing my own scented essential oils) and will be sitting in the hot tub with a 180 degree view of the bay.  Oh, and the eucalyptus sauna.  And hey, I’m kind of breaking out, so I might try to schedule a last minute facial!  The luxury hydrafacial is seriously amazing.  The Claremont carries Carita and Naturopathica, two of my FAVORITE skin care lines. (I’ve gotten to the unfortunate point of just not being able to live without the Cotton Mask by Carita, SOOOOOO Amazing)

Then it’s off to Paragon for some fresh spring rolls and mojitos.

midpic_spa-not an actual photo of Saddleshoos-



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Bloomies Soothes So Hard This Time of Year

It was this time last year that I began my career as a florist at Bloomies and discovered my intense obsession with flowers and floral design.  It’s a sentimental time of year for that reason.  Right now, Bloomies is pulling in fresh from market all my late-winter early-spring favorites: ranunculus(!), narcissus, stock, ornamental kale, hellebore, and the list goes on.  It’s just heavenly over there.  It’s a must visit–don’t forget to take something gorgeous and fragrant home!

ranunculusAh! The ranunculus alone!

Honestly, white ranunculus are the most beautiful, chic of blooms.  Maybe I just think this because they go really well with my small craftsman home decorated in neutrals, but either way. 


Here we have three different types of narcissus: the variety commonly known as paperwhites (far left), china narcissus, one of my FAVORITES due to the color and rose-like cluster of petals (center), and a scented mini-daffodil (upper right).



This is another of my absolute favorites, and I’ll take it in any color (and it comes in many).  I love the delicate, clustered blossoms arranged vertically on the stem, and the soft, sweet scent.  One of the best parts about these is that you can actually get them year-round and they are so inexpensive!  Bloomies bases all their prices on the market, but these most often go for a dollar a stem.  Gorgeous on their own or in an arrangement with other blooms.

Go forth!  And get Bloomied!

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