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Last Night’s Dinner

We at A Rockridge Life have been going hard on cutting down on red meat in 2009.  Chicken dinners abound.  I’ve been pretty good at getting creative with chicken breasts…and yet…it’s chicken breast night after night.  So we’re moving onto fish.  For some reason, cooking fish as a casual weeknight thing is intimidating to me.  I guess I just haven’t done it enough to have that level of comfort.  But like Madonna says, why do it if it’s not a challenge?  

So last night I started the epicurious.com searching.  I wasn’t down to spend a lot of time either.  I wanted something simple and delicious with minimal prep.  I found:

Grilled Tuna and Peppers with Caper Vinaigrette

What I love about this recipe: it’s easy, requires minimal dishes for prep, the vinaigrette is easy and contains ingredients normally already in stock in the ARL kitchen.  It’s also totally delicious.  

My modifications: I forewent the peppers, since frankly I didn’t know what an “Italian fry pepper” is and wasn’t in the mood to do research and try to find them at the grocer.  I used my Le Creuset grill pan–one of the best things in my kitchen–instead of the grill outside because I was too lazy to prep and wait for the coals to heat.  I served the tuna on a plate with a bed of arugula and simple brown rice.  I made a little extra vinaigrette to accommodate a semblance of “sauce” for the rice and arugula.  It was all totally delicious, totally healthy, and ready in MINUTES–literally.  Amazing.

The Le Creuset grill pan (I own one in the “bone” color):

le-creusetA picture of the plate:


And, because arugula is such a big part of ARL, the sound commonly known as “Arugula!” a/k/a “Old Car Horn:”

Arugula! / Old Car Horn

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Dinner For Two: Arugula!

Inspired by the warm weather in the Bay yesterday, I decided to try a new recipe: Grilled Chicken Breast with Arugula and Olive Thyme Vinaigrette.  

The vinaigrette is great.  As someone who makes salad dressing from scratch most nights of the week, it is nice to spice things up with unexpected ingredients (olive, tomato) that aren’t typically easy or obvious to whisk into your vinaigrette.  This recipe benefits from a blender on that account.  

While the roasted red peppers make for a colorful presentation, I wasn’t in love with the flavor combination.  I might substitute roasted tomatoes next time. 

Other positive: the warmth of the chicken and roasted vegetables ever so slightly wilts the bed of arugula in the most pleasant of ways.  

Overall: recommended.


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