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Currently in Guéthary, at Le Madrid

Guéthary is a charming little surf town between Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz.  It’s 9:30 and the sun is bright, if only slightly above the sea, and I’m yet to eat dinner.  Of course I just changed purses and failed to transfer the memory card reader from one to another so no pictures.  Zut!!!  I am destined not to blog.  But here is the picture of where I am from the restaurant’s website:

le madrid

Le Madrid is run by a beautiful couple, Cyril et Martine, and it is les plus chic spot in Guéthary, perhaps in all of French Basque country.  I’m right there under the window on the right right now.  Having a great time–super soothe.  Wish you all were here.  I’ll come back with a full report on the food at Le Madrid plus tard.  Á tout!


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